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No, there were supposed to be 12 - you put "TIE Fighter Pilot" and "Backstabber" on two separate lines.
Weird, I copy-pasted your list. Still, a dozen figures is unnecessary for a new wave, they tried that with TVC and it backfired hard.

R2-D2 looked to me like a clean repaint of the 2007 version based on the R4-G9 mold, which I've wanted for a while now since the only other AOTC/ROTS booster rocket figure was the abysmal 2003 joke.
Oh, notable disinterest for me then. Any pre-2011 mold is going to look bad in my collection compared to the ROTJ figure they finally took accurate measurements on.

The Geonosian Warrior was a repaint of Sun Fac, though I'm not sure how different it was going to be from the handful of repaints the mold has already had.
Total pass then.

Vader looked like he was based on the Evolutions mold yet again, as seen in this image from the CVI panel.
Very mild interest then, yeesh.

The A-wing Pilot looked like the Tycho body yet again.
Super pass.

There's an AOTC clone pilot out right now with the 2013 Republic Assault Dropship, but it's the 2005 Evolutions sculpt. I'm pretty sure the last time they released one (well, two) was in the battle pack with the gunship pod in 2009, but there hasn't been a single-carded version since the original in 2002.
I was thinking single-carded, but couldn't find one so it just feels like we've seen him a lot. I just don't care enough about this design anymore I guess, so they all blend together. Either that or just a lot of trips to the Clone Wars version's well.