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*With the new trilogy of films likely taking place in the same time as pre-existing EU material, do you foresee that post-ROTJ EU figures will become less likely (perhaps as a mandate from Lucasfilm/Disney, similar to how they wanted to focus on the CGI Clone Wars series as opposed to the 2D microseries)?
This one I think is probably going to be too speculative to be answered, I rewrote it to I think shore it up a little since it's gonna need a lot of help.

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Are we going to see any kind of recognition of the 30th anniversary of ROTJ in 2013? It seems like Hasbro has forgotten about it completely.
They also did a ton of it in 2012 - AT-AT, Ewoks, 2 pilots packs, AT-ST, Ewok 2-pack, AT-ST driver 2-pack, and I'm probably forgetting something else - I've added that to the question as it leaves me wondering.

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Maybe they've already answered this, but since they've released scaled down versions of older vehicles, is this going to be the norm going forward?
I remember them saying at Comic-Con that this was the intention, but I'm not entirely sure I understand what your question's focus is - is it about scaling down existing ships, or is it just the new size itself?