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Say what now? Unless you're shopping at some magical store, SW figures haven't been $5 since 2004 (and, in some stores, 2005).
He was saying Joes were $5, not SW. Joes had a much harder price increase in the last few years than SW which has been pushing at higher prices for over a decade now.

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Rebelscum is reporting that light-up Anakin and the Geonosis Battle Droid are confirmed for Movie Heroes wave one - though it's based on what Hasbro told them at the UK Toy Fair and could still be incorrect. Still, I've modified the question slightly:

2. Four Movie Heroes figures have been revealed at conventions and released internationally - light-up lightsaber Anakin, rappel-line jetpack Boba, tan exploding Battle Droid, and light-up blaster Sandtrooper - but none have been released in the US. The Sandtrooper and a maroon repaint of the Battle Droid were revealed at Celebration as coming in 2013, and apparently Anakin is on his way as well, but what about the tan droid and Boba Fett?
Hasbro UK isn't really connected enough to the US distribution arm to be trustworthy, I'd rather wait and see than use that as a quote, just let the list go with the moment - I'm sure that'll change by the time you get through the presentation.