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Huh? Tan battle droids were everywhere in 2012. There was one in TVC, one in Movie Heroes (along with a red one, true), and there were 20 of them in the MTT. There's one of either color out right now in the Class I sets, and there will be one of each color in the Mission Series this Fall. So I wouldn't say the tan ones are exactly uncommon these days.
In theory, there were 2 tan ones in Movie Heroes, the original version and now the Euro-exclusive exploding version. Anyway, I agree with ya, they did a lot of tan ones this year, the question is unnecessary right now.

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1. The 2012 Naboo Fighter looks like a great piece, unfortunately retailers generally didn't get around to ordering it, so it is extremely rare unless one spends around $100 or more on its case. Is there any chance of seeing that Naboo Fighter re-released, if not mainline then as an exclusive?

My rewrite: Speaking of vehicle re-releases, the Naboo Fighter is a great one that many collectors missed due to the first wave of vehicles not selling well last year and the case being expensive and rare online. Might we see it pop up at discount stores or in closeout packs similar to what happened with the Mandalorian Shuttle recently at Toys R Us? It's too large for the new Class II line, but could it be repacked as an exclusive?
No news on this one, though it’s obvious it won’t be released in the mainline due to the size/detail change on Class II this year. JediTempleArchives has inconsistent information on this, but it only ranges from “no” to “wait and see,” so I think it’s worth keeping. I really do think the part about coming in the TRU-style two-packs is important, since it’s possible that these were created but just not shipped enough.
I agree, keep. The 2-packs thing though is really not the meat of the question, just a possible avenue based on past experience - I'm keeping it, but just explaining why it's not the crux of it for me.

2. Four Movie Heroes figures have been revealed at conventions and released internationally - light-up lightsaber Anakin, rappel-line jetpack Boba, tan exploding Battle Droid, and light-up blaster Sandtrooper - but none have been released in the US. The Sandtrooper and a maroon repaint of the Battle Droid were revealed at Celebration as coming in 2013, but what about the tan droid and the other two figures?
There was no official word on this, but GalacticHunter (and other sites) reports that both the Movie Heroes and The Clone Wars figures that were to be shipped on the Yoda cards are only going to Europe since the sell-through on these is much higher there, meaning we won't see ANY of these figures in the US. Maybe we could ask about an exclusive release or a gift set or something.
Euro-exclusivity doesn't change the question. The possibility of an exclusive is really unnecessary to the question since it's open-ended enough as it is, but we could drop it in there as an idea if they haven't had it already on their own.

The wording of the euro-exclusivity though did suggest that they wouldn't be doing light-up figures anymore unless they were US exclusives thanks to euro-laws about battery removability (reasonable!), so that could be a hint at an exclusive already.

3. The new Class 2 Fleet vehicles use all new tooling, but what happens to the original Starfighter class toys, is new development there over entirely, what about reissues from the decades-old library of tooling built up there?
They are still drawing from the library, and there is still work being done – at least in deco – on the more collector-friendly ships for exclusives, as seen in the X-wing, TIE Interceptor, Republic Gunship, and Slave I repaints (which may or may not have some tooling changes, though it looks like they’re the same). They’re opting for the smaller, cheaper ships in the Class II line for now, so is there anything left in this question? Are you focusing solely on the starfighter assortment, meaning none of those exclusive vehicles fit that bill?
Only the TIE Interceptor actually fits that bill, and it hasn't for... decades, wow, ok, so none of them fit. I was focusing on the Starfighter class size specifically since it did run 17 years in the modern line as its own specific thing.

4. The Endor AT-AT has been released internationally, but what is its status in the US? Why was it moved from its announced October date - did TRU already have enough big items between the Millennium Falcon, MTT, and older-yet-still-available big vehicles?
JTA says that the Endor AT-AT is currently scheduled for a Spring 2013 release. We can follow up at Comic-Con if that doesn’t come to pass.

5. Mainline figures are now retailing for $10 each, not just collector-focused Vintage Collection, but Movie Heroes and Clone Wars too. Can the brand continue to appeal to kids and casual consumers at that price without a value-compensator like the Droid Factory parts that ended up being too expensive?
As we’ve seen, those kid-targeted lines are going away and being replaced by the $6 Saga Legends line. The collector-targeted line is staying at $10, which it seems Hasbro is fine with.
It's cut.

7. How does the main line expect to hold retailer peg space without an ongoing line for the next 8 months?
As I’ve said, they’ve done this before (2008, 2010, technically 2012 in a lot of places), so I don’t know how their answers would be different. Still, by the time we’d be able to ask them anything, it would be getting close to the time when product starts showing up on shelves again. It seems like they expect the reshipped TVC figures to hold at least some amount of interest and peg space until then. I do wonder what will happen to the Movie Heroes and Clone Wars pegs now that those lines are done.
This is the first time they have had to scramble, every time previous line ending was planned in advance, that is what makes it so different - they planned 2012 to end with the final TVC wave on retailer shelves, that got killed and then they planned to have TLC2 product on shelves in the next cycle to fill that space, and that got killed, leaving nothing on shelves at all until Q3 '13, so they put out a single wave of canceled product to hold it for the majority of a year? That's unprecedented. And since that question was written, they've canceled the OTHER 2 lines on pegs, so now NOTHING new will have shipped to Star Wars pegs between Q3 '12 and Q3 '13.

10. Are we going to see any kind of recognition of the 30th anniversary of ROTJ in 2013? It seems like Hasbro put out a lot of ROTJ product in 2012 that might leave the cupboard bare for this year's 30th; has there been any Hasbro discussion about the film's anniversary or was it sort of forgotten?
There’s nothing major – the only ROTJ items revealed were the TIE Interceptor and the Ewok Catapult set, and there's nothing planned (though presumably there could still be other ROTJ items coming later in the year). We could still ask why this is the case, especially when ANH got the 30th Anniversary Collection and ESB got the first wave of TVC and a ton of vehicles.
They said no to it through JTA I think, so I'm cutting it. A "why not" might be valid tho'.

11. Some collectors are worried that the new 6" line will cannibalize resources that otherwise would have gone into making high-quality, super-articulated 3.75" figures. Is that going to be the case, or will collectors who have invested almost 18 years into collecting the 3.75" line and are NOT interested in starting again with a newly scaled line still have something to look forward to?
They’ll still be releasing the collector-focused 3.75” line under The Black Series, so they’re not abandoning that segment, but the rest of the question is still valid.
This question I don't think is affected at all, it's identical product to when it was written just under a new name, and in fact I'd say it feels more accurate since they showed ONLY the product we already knew about, nothing else to plan for at this point.