I'm going off the comments that have been made previously about these questions and updating them to reflect news that's hit since February. Most of them have changes, but I added pertinent notes in italics. They are still grouped thematically so feel free to rearrange them. The numbers correspond only to their numbering in the thread's first post.


3. The 2013 Class II vehicle line is using all new tooling and going in a simpler direction, but is there still a chance of seeing more vehicles in the original, more detailed Class II style – perhaps as newly tooled exclusives or even as reissues from the vast tooling library you already have, as is currently being done for larger vehicles like the Republic Gunship and Slave I?
***I added the examples since it shows that they're already doing this with larger ships - and I figured they would likely bring them up anyway, so better to get it out of the way and help focus the conversation back to only the starfighter line, if that makes any sense.

1. Speaking of vehicle re-releases, the Naboo Fighter is a great one that many collectors missed due to the first wave of vehicles not selling well last year and the case being expensive and rare online. It's been appearing sporadically at discount stores, but might we still see it pop up somewhere in greater numbers, either as existing stock or a new run? It's too large for the new Class II line, but could it be repacked as an exclusive?

3.b. So far the new Class II line has only consisted of resculpts of existing vehicles, but will we see any never-before-made ships there as well?

NEW - With no new releases since the first wave in Spring, is the Class I line with two figures essentially dead?

4. Why was the Endor AT-AT moved from its announced October date – did TRU already have enough big items between the Millennium Falcon, MTT, and older-yet-still-available big vehicles?
***Now that it's been released, I think we can assume why it was delayed, so I don't know if this is necessary anymore.

NEW - Even though we're getting some fairly sizable ships as exclusives, the repainted Slave I and AT-AT are the only Class III-size vehicles coming this year. Does the Class III line still have a future in new molds? Did the performance of the MTT have any effect on this?
***Derryl told me last year the MTT would only affect things if it bombed at retail, so I wonder if a follow-up would reveal anything.

Basic figures

NEW - The Clone Wars animated figure line and TV series are both more or less finished. What are the chances of continuing to see new characters done in the realistic style - either 3.75" Black Series or Saga Legends/Misson Series - or more vehicles from the series? So far, the realistic Clone Wars figures have been of characters that have already had several animated figures, but could the realistic lines be an outlet for new characters and designs, such as the Pong Krell and spider-Maul figures that were mentioned in previous Q&A sessions?

NEW - With Star Wars Rebels premiering a little over a year from now, we won't ask details on tie-in products, but if you do decide to make figures for the show, has any thought been given as to whether the figures will be in the animated or realistic style? Will you be making this decision based on how well The Clone Wars animated figures performed, or is this something Lucasfilm and Disney will decide?

5. The presumably-still-upcoming Mara Jade figure is wearing the same catsuit that has been made as a figure twice previously – and it looks like a fine figure in and of itself – but the Fans' Choice poll had an image of her wearing her green Jedi outfit, so that look is probably what many fans believed they were picking when they voted. Why was the choice made to make yet another version of this outfit as opposed to the one featured in the poll? Can we expect to see a figure in her green Jedi outfit?

2. Late last year and earlier this year, several Movie Heroes and Clone Wars figures - including light-up Anakin and Sandtrooper, the blast-apart Battle Droids, etc. - were revealed and released internationally but not in the US. The Yoda-card figures have been made available by online retailers, but Boba Fett and the tan Battle Droid remain very scarce. Is there any plan to release any of them specifically to the US market?

11. Why is the eye on the top back of astromech heads almost always being done wrong as it is on the 6" R2 figure, so it sticks straight up instead of angled back?

12. Why do you use that chiffon/gossamer translucent black fabric for Darth Vader figures' cloaks and kama skirts when the Vintage Collection Sidious has a much nicer opaque black fabric for his robes and kama skirt?

Competing sources and resources

9. Some collectors are worried that the new 6" line will cannibalize resources that otherwise would have gone into making high-quality, super-articulated 3.75" figures. Is that going to be the case, or will collectors who have invested almost 18 years into collecting the 3.75" line and are NOT interested in starting again with a newly scaled line still have something to look forward to with the 3.75" Black Series?

6. Will the basic lines be able to hold retailer peg space without much of an ongoing line until the Fall product arrives?
NEW/REPLACEMENT - In the absence of an ongoing line in the first half of 2013, the initial plan to hold retailer peg space was to re-release hard-to-find 2012 figures from The Vintage Collection. Instead, the scant few Vintage cases that showed up so far this year were typically backstock cases such as the Darth Malgus wave with its numerous Phantom Menace carry-forwards that further clogged store shelves. So was this plan shelved? You've said there won't be any straight repacks in The Black Series, but will we still be seeing more of the hard-to-find Vintage figures somehow?

7. It's obviously too early to talk about the new films, but Disney has said that the new trilogy will take place after Return of the Jedi. Assuming that existing post-ROTJ expanded universe material isn't used in the new films, would the new films lower the likelihood of seeing figures from the existing post-ROTJ expanded universe, similar to how the Clone Wars micro-series material has been largely ignored in favor of the CGI series per Lucasfilm's request?

Planning and changing the 2013 line

8. We know that the Build-A-Droid line was cancelled since it would have been too expensive to include the droid parts without raising the price, but at what point in the development process did you know – or feel in your gut – that the new Build-A-Droid line was going to be canceled? What point in the process did it seem like things were going against it? Was there a single event that precipitated the line's cancellation?

10. How long before the public announcement did you know that the 3D re-releases of Episodes II and III weren't going to happen this year? Obviously the line is still very heavy on the Episode II and III items this year, but did that cause you to have to change the line much, or were you already planning on scaling back after Episode I didn't do as well as you hoped?


13. With the (surprising) success of the Skylanders franchise, have you begun to explore more interactivity options for Star Wars toys? Might we someday see a video game where our Star Wars figures can be scanned in and become playable characters within that game world?
***Angry Birds Star Wars II will have that feature, actually, so I assume they'd just talk about that. It was just announced this morning and I'm sure it will be a focal point. For further exploration and expansion into other lines, I'm sure they'll be looking at how well it does here, so I don't think there's anything left to the question at the moment.


Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
Q: In their forecast, are economics looking that bad that they will remain producing scaled down vehicles and only major A or B characters and general troopers for the near future?

Translation: I want to know if I'll ever get my wish for more obscure characters for diorama building fans (which do include more Padme outfits though - and she is a main character) and if I'll get more regular size new vehicles (I'm thinking some of these have to be obscure or the obviously less popular ones, of course).

Q: Since Clone Wars characters are still seeing limited expression as realistic figures, will Clone Wars vehicles ever make production?

Translation: I'm thinking Hondo's tank and small fighter flying saucer, as well as the Jedi angel fish shaped ship, plus the Trandoshan capture vehicles, etc.

Q: What is the status of Hasbro's large vehicle program beyond Boba Fett's Slave-One, a repaint. Will there be any new molds?

Translation: will we see Jabba's Sailbarge, any class star destroyer, the blockade runner, Invisible Hand, sandcrawler, etc.

Of course attendees can ask these questions of the team on the floor. But it would be good to see if we get consistent answers.
We have several questions about their vehicle plans, and we're asking about collector-focused 3.75" figures (which we know are still coming in The Black Series) so there's not much to add for your first question. I've reworked and added your other questions to the list.