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    So, uh...was the Droid Factory line discontinued?

    JediNews posted a report detailing the new lines coming soon to Target via their DCPI numbers and prices. The only new things are the Class I vehicles ($19.99), Class II vehicles ($19.99), and limited-articulation 12" figures ($12.99). Of note, though, is this:
    087-06-1380 $9.99
    There were rumors that this would be the case - either the line would be shifted to be better timed to the 3D rereleases of AOTC and ROTS in Fall, or that the figures would be released in some other way. This could be a computer issue, but that seems doubtful. It would be unfortunate if they weren't doing the Droid Factory pieces at all since those are my favorite pack-ins. Hopefully there will be news from Toy Fair next month.
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    Personally, I hope so. But that's based solely on the figure choices for the first 2 waves, not that I have anything against the build-a-droid concept in and of itself (I simply prefer Vintage).
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    Maybe they'll just be selling under the same DCPI as the Vintage figures since they were carried forward unexpectedly. This kind of makes sense since they wouldn't have to clearance everything out in between switching card backs. I wouldn't be surprised if they were delayed (and temporarily replaced with the vintage repacks), but I really hope they weren't cancelled.

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    In our thread about the TVC rereleases, I speculated about the droid factory waves getting pushed back.

    I'm confident that the tooling for those figures won't go to waste and we'll get them eventually in some form.

    In the meantime, I guess I have more money for SW Lego sets now.

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    I don't think I cared too much. I wanted more YVH-1 droids if any, though I think I had some cool ideas back in the day.*

    Droid Factory was one of my favorite concepts though and my signature still relates some parts I need and have to trade.

    I haven't gotten to actively pursuing that for several years though.

    Meanwhile, my hobby is getting rare, obscure figures to fill out my dioramas like:

    TPM: Kitster / Wald, Ann / Tan Gella
    AOTC: Queen Jamilla, Cliegg Lars
    ROTS: Bail Organa Senate, Padme Amidala Senate
    ANH: Tzzzvvvt, Ranat
    ESB: Torryn Farr, white R5 droid with black head originally in Hoth exclusive box set*
    ROTJ: Sim Aloo (Imp Dignitary), Taym-den Garn (spelling)
    EU: Nomi Sunrider, Sylvar
    CW: Riff Tamsen, Wagtwo, Nute Gunray, Anaconda Far, Chancellor Palpatine, Bail Organa, new Padme Senator

    And much more.

    Plus vehicles:

    TPM: Gungan Sub, Republic cruiser
    AOTC: Accalamator Class star destroyer, Dooku's solar sailor
    ROTS: Utopau sentry ship, Wookiee catamaran
    ANH: Rebel blockade runner, Lars landspeeder
    ESB: Imperial star destroyer, Rebel medical frigate, Hoth probot delivery ship
    ROTJ: Jabba's sailbarge, Home One (or playset with briefing room and landing bay)
    EU: Nebulon Ranger, K-wing Bomber, Corral Skipper
    CW: Twilight, Hondo's tank, Hondo's flying saucer - fighter size (Rapier-One), Jedi angel fish style transport

    and beasts:

    TPM: Sando Aqua Monster
    AOTC: orray
    ROTS: Utopau pteradactyl
    ANH: dianoga
    ESB: Dagobah swamp snake
    ROTJ: sarlaac (full scale)
    EU: Onderon flying war beast, Yuuzhan Vong "shaped" vornskr Force hound
    CW: Zillo beast, Ziro the Hutt
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    Rebelscum followed up and got this quote from Hasbro:
    "...the Droid Factory has been Globally dropped. Some of the figures however will be used in other assortments this fall."
    Very strange.
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    RS is reporting this is confirmed, Droid Factory will not be happening, the line "dropped globally" is what they're quoting Hasbro as saying, and that SOME of the figures will be used in a Fall line. This is ludicrous, this is beyond unacceptable, coming off of 2 years of trouble only to pull a limp "holding pattern" move and canceling product YET AGAIN suggests a severe mismanagement of resources and interest. I keep wanting to give Hasbro the benefit of the doubt, but lately they've done a lot of damage and it's become unbearable. There is now nothing new for the first 8 months of 2013 at all, no new Clone Wars, no new Realistic, no new Vehicles, what is left? How is this not the brand walking face-first into a spinning turbine a la 1985 again? Hope for the future? Trying to stretch existing product to hold retailers' pegs for what basically is 3 years total what with the huge distribution gaps in TVC now spreading from 2010 into late 2013?

    I don't even know what to say, this just ruined my day.
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    Well.... I suppose this will be more money to spend on the later Retaliation figures that everyone wants but will only be available through online merchants and scalpers because the pegs will be flooded with that stupid Wave 1 Roadblock.
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    I'm buying new business suits and otherwise updating my wardrobe, buying new guns and reenactor accessories, and traveling more for more baseball and rock concert shows, and spending more money on my friends. I don't have to "keep up" with collecting. But actually almost all my money can go towards my novel writing and editing and conferences to get published by a large house. That will afford me more money for the other things later. I still have plenty of interest in Star Wars but welcome the break. I also listed the obscure products I would care for above, like variant Bail Organa figures. So I have other interests besides toys.
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    Looks like I'll be spending my money on prop replicas. What a train wreck this whole situation has become.


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