Rebelscum's UK Toy Fair coverage shows images of products in different packaging alongside the green Yoda look - it's a ROTS-inspired Vader with Mustafar lava designs. There aren't any Hasbro products with the look (or any Hasbro products in general aside from a transforming larger-scale Anakin-to-Vader figure), but it seems to be the new standard line look.

I assumed that the Yoda look would encompass both AOTC and ROTS, especially since they're only being released in 3D a few weeks apart and he fights in both, but this makes sense. It's less garish than the 2005 look, but it is quite similar - though now Vader is reaching out at us (to focus on the 3D, perhaps?). I have to assume that there will be some unintentional overlap of the Yoda and Vader designs, but I wonder if they're supposed to both be featured alongside each other or if Vader will replace Yoda completely? Hasbro mentioned at CVI that Yoda would only last six or seven months, so it's probably meant as a replacement.