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    This series has been entertaining thus far.

    It's pretty funny.

    Sarah Palin is from Minnesota and I can't help but think the lady cop reminds me of her.

    I think the hitman is working a larger scheme here. He might be psychopathic, but he's the only character who's smart on this entire show.

    But I think all the dumb people in Minnesota make the show funny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    Sarah Palin is from Minnesota and I can't help but think the lady cop reminds me of her.
    Do you mean a woman who is obviously much more intelligent than people give her credit for? I can agree with that.

    But you probably shouldn't classify all people in Minnesota as dumb just because of something you watched on TV. At best, that makes you seem like a simple-minded fool who forms his opinions based on a work of fiction. At worst, it makes you a bigot.

    Anyways, I do enjoy the show because it's well-written and has an interesting story so far.

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    I never classified "all people" living in Minnesota as dumb. I illustrated that most of the ones on the show are presented to be that way.

    I said "all the dumb people in Minnesota make the show funny." I did not say all people in Minnesota are dumb.

    The show takes place in Minnesota. If I said "all the dumb people in Kansas make the show funny," it wouldn't make any sense.

    And c'mon, I didn't start any name-calling.

    I think the lady cop has the "instincts" of intelligence but is slow to assert them, use them, and is confused by some of the others around her (like her new boss who got the promotion she should have - and what's his deal? Is he corrupt?). She might very well (her character) be more than what she outwardly presents.

    I do not agree with Sarah Palin's positions on a lot of things (probably - she seems to have refined her own presentation of what she stands for - however I stand for being progressive, and that means changing the status quo to help more Americans - of whom I believe a lot of them are ignorant, if not dumb, and would not necessarily be better off with more freedom as elites grow richer and monopolize with what the poor give them. Like I said, I view Progressivism as in part, managing "the herd" and guiding them to the water - and maybe water-boarding them until they drink.)*

    * Yes, it would take almost a benevolent (elite) dictator altruist and it's hard to find those people. Maybe Karl Marx was, but he didn't gain power. Perhaps Trotsky might have been, but Lenin surely wanted too much for himself. By the time we get to Stalin, he was all in it only for himself and no altruist (and WWII either changed him from what he might have been, but probably just made him worse.) People equate communism and socialism with Stalin (and Lenin) - and we needn't really go into other countries yet. But in truth, the Soviet Union was not managed like a communist (wouldn't work) or a socialist country. That is an economic system that can also be run by republican democracy. Stalin created a Russian dictatorship and just called it something else - and most of his "communist / socialist" successors in every country that followed his model are nothing but that.

    And much of the time, individual people do not want or especially trust other people with managing their life. I don't blame them - as I noted the new police chief on the show is quite possibly corrupted or at the very least, a guy who "just phones in his lines" for his job (Better Call Saul from BB is a great actor however - I'm also talking about his character on this show). But I see the 2nd largest homeless population in the entire country living out on the corners by my "luxury" apartment complex (it is 'luxury' in terms of the beautiful grounds and amenities - but the homeless are attracted to that, naturally). Anyway, what I see is people who cannot manage their life - and who even served our country and might have been OK with a sergeant or lieutenant managing them for the years they served. But "bums" who served are actually only a certain percentage of bums overall. We have homeless women colonies right outside the stadium where the San Diego Chargers play (walking distance from my home).

    Well, it's not OK. And the average American does not climb the social-economic ladder (the American dream). Maybe they're not meant to? Maybe just criminals do? (if that describes Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush 1, Reagan, Carter (?), Ford, Nixon (definitely), Johnson (yes), Kennedy (his family)...

    Going that far back, Carter might have done nothing wrong (not sure) but "I LIKE IKE." I don't know why Republicans hold up Reagan as a shinning example - he was a Mafia-controlled actor indebted to the military-industrial complex. Isenhower was undeniably a real leader and had grown the government where he had to and created jobs (keeping the military strong but not selling out to them, and working on our infrastructure by spending domestically on Americans).

    Anyway, today he might have been a Conservative Democrat like General Clark.

    Meanwhile, Sweden is a socialist nation that is still standing, its people unoppressed. England and Canada, and France have socialist principles in practice. Germany, too. They are democracies and their people have almost all, if not at least, about as much, freedom as we do.

    Anyway, this thread is about Fargo. I wasn't the one who asked for further political dissemination outside of the Rancor Pit. But I enjoyed it and I think it can stand stay here as a civilized discussion because it's not disrupting anyone right now or preventing discussion of the TV show.

    Feel free to respond about whatever we've discussed here.
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