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    Waiting on rolling out Vader isn't really that big of a surprise. I'd want them to wait until they could really nail the figure. Hell, he might end up being a stand-alone figure release. Like the great 12" Electronic Talking Darth Vader w/ Removable Helmet from the 12" Action Collection line from a few years ago.

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    This is interesting news. I think I would like to buy some of these based on the first preview, however Wave 1 is not very inspiring. I guess they are trying to keep interest by only releasing one main character at a time. I really want the R2, but I can easily pass on X-Wing Luke. I would rather see a Stormtrooper first than a Sandtrooper, but I will probably pick one up. However the Maul is a terrible decision and just proving but opinion that Hasbro wants to shove Maul down our throats by the bucketful. I only hope that they stay away from the exclusive route.

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    1 Main Character? Luke, R2-D2, and Maul are all pretty main character.

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    I thought of 3 I'd buy if they went with my Unleashed: Snowtrooper, Luke Bespin, Qui-Gon, The last who I'd like but would be a major pegwarmer.

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    I would love to see Bossk in this scale. I could actually see abandoning the 3.75" line almost completely if this line continues on for a while. I've been selling off my collection anyway and I'm currently down to a grand total of 35 action figures, which is likely to get significantly reduced even further. So this new scale is really coming along at a perfect time for me.

    As for Vader, I'm hoping that he's not in this first wave because Hasbro is really planning to pull out all the stops and give us an amazing 6" Darth Vader figure.

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    Where you been selling them BibB? On Ebay?

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    If 6" figure lines across the toy world are an indication, this line may not stand the test of time. DCU/Marvel Legends are few and far between, MOTUC and DCUC figures are subscription based small lines, DC Collectibles (formerly DC Direct) are collector aimed (small production) and not mass marketed despite having characters currently in use. Star Wars characters outside of Clone Wars are not currently in the public eye. Hasbro could have gone for a 6" line in the heyday of Marvel Legends and LOTR when that scale was a more viable and dominant part of the toy aisle.

    At $20, they shouldn't roll out too many figures, maybe 8-12 a year. At that rate, it will take a bunch of time to get the line wide base of figures for traction. There are only a couple of years before the sequels to the OT start and become the focal point of the line. Maybe Hasbro just sees this as a filler line until the sequels start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beast View Post
    Where you been selling them BibB? On Ebay?
    Yeah, I've been using eBay for most of it; but I also used Craigslist to sell off the big stuff like my BMF and BAT-AT. I don't currently have anything listed, but I need to get something up for sale before the end of the week.
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    We had an interesting conversation about this last year, MSP posted this Essential Characters Poll for "what if we started over again":

    Luke X-wing and R2 made my list of essentials, but the Sandtrooper did not because I wanted a Stormtrooper instead. Luke X-wing however did not make the final ANH top 12, and neither did the Sandtrooper, so those are somewhat bold choices on Hasbro's part - variations of major characters that aren't in strongest demand and have limited time in the saga.

    For $20, they better make that Sandtrooper screen-accurate instead of what they've pulled in the regular line, no more of this "just take the Stormtrooper and put a pauldron and backpack on him" stuff, the armor has a lot of little differences that need to be emulated to get my coin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beast View Post
    1 Main Character? Luke, R2-D2, and Maul are all pretty main character.
    Maul only had 15 minutes of air time so I don't really consider him a main character. While Luke is a main character, I would be more excited if the Luke was Dagobah, Besbin, RTOJ, or Tatooine. Without an X-Wing for Luke to fly, Luke in X-Wing gear is kind of useless.
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