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    Hasbro Unveils 'Star Wars: The Black Series' Line

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    I heard this was coming... I am sure we will see more on the 9th while at Toy Fair!

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    Ouch. $19.99 each.

    Hopefully there will be some deals to be had. But Luke looks awesome.

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    This is very interesting - it looks like the SW version of Marvel Legends. The packaging look is very nice and classy and the Luke looks pretty great. I don't know how much space, time, and money I can devote to collecting a whole new scale, but I'll probably pick up some of them.

    Interesting that the 3 3/4" line will continue under this "The Black Series" banner as well. I'm assuming this is what is replacing TVC? The article even calls the figures vintage-style, so presumably they won't just be continuing the actual vintage look. Though I wonder if this is partly to place the great articulation, paint, and sculpts into one line and have the 3 3/4" figures scale back on some of these aspects. Toy Fair really can't get here fast enough!
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    I'm not going to buy the new size. Luke looks great and it is nice detail. Hopefully it will create excitement and sales for the stockholders by the very enjoyment of Star Wars by many new fans, and some of the older ones.

    My concerns:

    1. Quality in sculpt and detail are NOT sacraficed for the 3 3/4" line.

    2. The 3 3/4" line continues with Expanded Universe characters, including more obscure or army-building ones, as well as obscure movie characters. If you cannot identify Nyrat Agira, Rogwa Woodrata, Tzzzvvzzt, Shasha Teil, Taym-dren Garen, Nomi Sunrider, Sylvar, Droma, Anakin Solo, Riff Tamsen, Wagtwo, Senator Farr, etc., you might enjoy them when you learn about them, but regardless, there ARE fans waiting to enjoy figures of these characters and more. As well as an open-Bespin Jacket Luke Skywalker (without belt) from Dagobah from just before Yoda raises Luke's X-wing that's never been made. I'm not buying the next improvement to a Sandtrooper or Darth Vader - or General Grievous and Darth Maul.

    3. Regular sized (Corporate Alliance Tank Droid sized, V-wing sized) Class 2 vehicles return and offer new products like Hondo Ohnaka's flying saucer fighter (Rapier-One) and Hondo's pirate tank - as well as things like the Trandoshan hunter pods are made for Class 1 vehicles with figures. The Kamino Clone Labs patrol vessels that kind of look like Slave-One are perfect for on-screen actual MOVIE additions to this set.

    But I don't want to spoil others' enthusiasm for this new size.

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    I can't wait. These will look awesome next to my Epic Force, Unleashed, Force Battlers, Jedi Force, and all the other excellent mid-size Star Wars figure lines that were canned after a handful of figures!

    No one in Wave 1 excites me, but, if there are better figures in a Wave 2 and they actually hit retail, or if Maul or Artoo look awesome in person, I might get them when Ross marks them down to $4.99.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Epic Force
    Rotating statues . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Ridiculously posed statues . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Force Battlers
    Super deformed and aimed squarely at kids . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Jedi Force
    Aimed at kids, tiny, and still going . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    all the other excellent mid-size Star Wars figure lines that were canned after a handful of figures!
    Yes, there have been experiments with other scales, but this is the first time that they're bringing the same level of realism and detail from the 3 3/4" line to a new scale. The previous efforts were just different kinds of toys or statues, not really aimed at the same audience most of the time. As a longtime fan of the 3 3/4" line, these Black Series figures could be the first new line I'm even remotely interested in buying.
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    Just another reason to STOP collecting Star Wars figures.

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    JJL, do you really think that, at a $20 pricepoint, this line will stick around? Whether you liked them or not, all their previous lines were well-executed and sold rather well up until the typical distribution issues and oversaturation of a few unwanted figures hit. Also, keep in mind that Unleashed, with the same target audience as these "Black" figures, wasn't canceled because it didn't sell, but because sales didn't increase as proportionally as the other lines did in 2005.

    I don't think that a new scale of figure is the way to reinvigorate the collector base, particularly after most of us have collections of almost twenty years worth of figures in another size (or two).

    If these come out in 2012 and aren't clogging closeout store shelves by April 2013, I will eat my Unleashed Darth Vader.
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    Considering fans who collect 6" Figures have been begging and pleading for a quality 6" Figure line for at least a decade now... I think it'll do pretty well. The folks on Fwoosh are already chomping at the bit for the line.

    And you might as well start eating that Unleashed Vader now Chuxie.. considering they don't come out until around August of 2013... there's no way they can come out in 2012 and go on clearance by April. Do you want ketchup with that?


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