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This reminds me of that Titanium series of figures.... I may be wrong, but I seem to remember the only Luke in the line was either X-Wing or Snowspeeder pilot, and there was a sandtrooper but no stormtrooper.
Snowspeeder, and that's quite an interesting comparison I wouldn't have thought of, very good point. I wonder if that choice is conscious or unconscious on Hasbro's part.

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Which makes me think that Boba Fett, Bossk and Darth Vader aren't very far behind. IG-88 seems like an almost sure thing as well.

It seems like someone at Hasbro has a definite liking for Sandtroopers, X-Wing Luke and Bossk. Which is great, because I have a definite liking for those characters as well.
I would hope they'd have a longer game in mind here, but you're probably right. This is one of the problems with a "definitive characters only" line though, it's easy to run out of steam with A-listers before you get through the worthy B-listers.

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It's Hasbro. You're practically guaranteed Bossk, Greedo, Aurra Sing, and Momaw Nadon in the early waves.
Ugh, really hope they don't expect to make money off Aurra Sing figures.

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Greedo was a pretty crappy 12" figure too. His pistol was molded into his hand.

I've read some complaints on how we used to only pay $20 for 12" figures and now we gotta pay $20 for figures half the size. But I think people are forgetting that most of the early 12" figures were just soft-goods clothing on generic doll bodies with roto-molded heads. Much less of a tooling investment on Hasbro's part than this new 6" line, which will require 100% new tooling on every figure for at least the first few waves.
And the cut-n-sew on those 12" figures was really just taking advantage of massively out of balance manufacturing payrates in Asia in the '90s. No, your argument is exactly right on, and that's what worries me about this line, can Hasbro keep this line from going off the rails in its pricepoint?

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I would definitely be in for a Greedo. Greedo and Yoda are pretty much my only guaranteed buys. I'll probably be very tempted by others, but the first wave selections aren't really grabbing me, though Luke does look like a very nice figure. I don't really want to start collecting these, but I know I'll have a hard time resisting if I see them in stores over here.
I can't see paying $20 for a tiny Yoda figure on its own, can you? I'd definitely need every accessory imaginable to make up for his tiny stature, from cane to snake to stewpot to backpack.