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    Exclamation Cancelled Droid Factory 6-Pack Amazon Exclusive Set!

    I know this likely isn't the right section... but it didn't fit in the Black Series forum.
    Feel free to move it if needed. But I wanted to make sure people knew.

    During SDCC, Hasbro said that the cancelled Wave of Droid Factory figures was picked-up by Amazon.Com as an exclusive. That wave is now up for Pre-Order on Amazon for $59.99.

    It's scheduled for release on October 15th.

    The set includes:

    Battle Droid
    Clone Trooper
    Sand Trooper
    Sun Fac
    TIE Fighter Pilot
    TC-70 (build-a-figure)

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    I've said it before, but I really hope that the maroon Battle Droid will make it out another way. I'd like more 212th Clones and Geonosian Warriors (interesting that they went back to the Sun Fac name for this one), but the droid is really the priority. I love the TPM version and wanted to get lots of this one . . . I know it showed up in Walmart's computers, but so did the final TVC wave that became online-only as well.

    Otherwise, though, this is a pretty cool set. I'd like to see them sell more individually carded figures this way - figures that might not go in a set together and might not make it out to retail.

    And of course, while this takes care of the first two cancelled build-a-droids, we're still waiting on R5-X2 (who I really want) and R8-B7 (The Clone Wars version more or less satisfied my need for this one, but it would still be cool).
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    I moved this to TBS because it's product from the line that eventually became TBS, and has nothing in common with the Vader Packaged "Galaxy" line of Saga and Mission Series simple figures.

    Anyway, this is a very interesting way to do it, and I almost bought in, but there just aren't enough new things in it for me to justify $60. I also think it's exceptionally frustrating to have the set be nearly all army-builders, no way I'm buying 3 of these sets.
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    Amazon currently has it for $14.99. I got this set for my birthday last week and I quite like it - for $15 it's a no-brainer. At the very least, it's worth it for FA-4 and TC-70. I wasn't completely sold on getting a realistic TC-70, but the figure is gorgeous in person and much more accurate than the 2009 animated version. My only real gripe is that the 212th clone trooper's left hand is shut and can't grip the accessories, much like a few of the POTF2 figures. I've heard about other clones coming this way as well, so my guess is one of the toolings of this mold is screwy.
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