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The long panel on the left side looks like it opens. It's not shown open in the official photo or in the booth photos, but it definitely looks like it's a separate piece from the body, so it's entirely possible that the buzz saw is in there (even if it's not completely movie accurate).
Yeah, I saw that panel, it looks like even in their images it's broken on the prototype, or maybe they decided the production model won't have gimmicks on that side, we don't know yet. It's entirely possible that panel is full of gold too.

The OT still gets three accessories in the periscope, lightsaber, and scanner, plus the saga-spanning arm, so is it really that much of a travesty that they threw us PT fans a bone? It's not like they're these huge, giant accessories - I doubt the drink tray could have been included instead of these; that's a much bigger piece. I don't remember Hasbro saying the waves would be 75% OT to 25% PT - the USA Today article only says the line would "primarily" be OT, and that's not even a direct Derryl quote. You said it yourself that the booster rockets are the only PT accessories, so it's not like the OT's being ignored here or anything.
It's a compromise that does neither OT nor PT fans any favors. Instead of getting an "ultimate" R2 since we're paying "ultimate" pricing, we're getting a handful of gimmicks and it seems to be ensuring that we won't be seeing all the stuff we should be getting in either realm. With this thinking, why not just make all Vaders into 1 figure, with ANH vest robes and ROTS limiting shoulder armor? Why not just make 1 Han Solo figure for the entire saga, so what if he has a different outfit in each movie and looks different as he ages - close enough, right? It's lame and a bad precedent. It's also surprising given the amount of sheer accuracy they put into the Sandtrooper - why show your commitment to such deep collector quality in one figure and then stumble on another? It's not like R2's a large figure or a complex figure or even heavily articulated, so is it a cash grab, is it just budgetitis, is it a lack of vision?

As for the 75% OT thing, I thought it was something said during the presentation, not sure where I picked it up if not there.
EDIT: Rebelscum stated it here, I took it as accurate since they were at the show and I wasn't - http://www.rebelscum.com/story/front...ort_150221.asp

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Are these the same forums that demanded a Yarna? That one worked out well.
Good, good! Let the hatred flow through you. Yarna wasn't really the problem, Hasbro overproducing Yarna, allowing "pie in the sky sales"-minded retailers to dictate production numbers on a figure destined to be a low-seller, and that was the real problem, they should have revamped those wave 1 cases a quarter the way through production to avoid that pegwarmer.

Now if you had pointed out the fan forums' demands for a Sith Infiltrator toy...