Well I feel like Slicker does but JabbaJohn rocked with the information he brought to this party. Very reasonable.

But I long for the days when the economy and interest held things together when we'd easily see carded Cliegg Lars, maybe Nyrat Agira, Imperial Dignitary Sim Aloo - because the line and the product flow-through would support them being at least one per case in standard releases.

Also the Clone Wars ANIMATED style might have supported Anocanda Farr, Bail Organa, Chancellor Palpatine, Trandoshan hunters, Riff Tamsen, Dutchess Satine, Padme in a non-action outfit - because collectors were also buying animated figures and it could be marginally supported and the product style was not just appealing to the kid market whom Hasbro determined needed an army of Obi-Wans for every customer.