I missed the Sandtrooper again on Amazon, but that's ok, I was busy yesterday with more fulfilling things anyway.

So I'm sitting here with this Darth Maul still on my desk, trying to decide if I'm asking for a refund due to this knee situation or what, and it dawns on me that I haven't actually put it in a 2-handed saber pose. A few minutes later, THIS FIGURE ANNOYS ME TO NO END. The arm articulation is limited too far, the shoulders can't pull in tight enough, the elbows can't bend up far enough, the hands have opposing hinges which means one move with one requires altering the other to compensate because it can't just bend that same way. So 2-handed poses usually end up with the saber hilt bent, and the arms can't get to some of the tight angles required.

That on top of the hips being too loose laterally, and the ratchets in the ankle joints being in the wrong places and leaving too much play, means this figure can't actually DO much the way Darth Maul is supposed to!