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I just opened my R2-D2. Since I'm not collecting the line, I won't comment on the size because I have nothing to compare it to. The side doors don't open wide enough and one of the dome panels becomes loose once you take it off for the first time. I would have preferred the lightsaber to fit inside the dome not stick out of it, but since I'll probably never use any of the accessories, that's not a big deal. He's supposed to be the "Clean" version, yet the right and left feet both have dirt paint on it, and it looks like it was done by a five year old. These are all really minor complaints and are nothing that would have deferred me from buying it, had I known it before purchase.

This complaint, however, is a big deal to me. The leg gimmick is neat, but it limits the head poses in roll position. All R2-D2 pictures I've seen doesn't have the solid rectangle on the third leg. In film, it looks as if the leg extracts to the silver tubes, (which are not painted on the figure). When doing this on the figure, his dome faces backwards, with no way (at least that I can see) with facing it forward. To get the head forward, you have to continue to extend the leg. When you do this, the CE brand on the rectangle portion of the leg is then visible. You essentially can only display it from the right side. I recommend picking him up, but only with a coupon or a sale/reduced price.

Other than that, I kinda like this figure. He is nice looking, but he is definitely not worth the $20 price tag, especially considering hes the same size as the 3.5" line. For 20 bucks, he should have included a spring loaded lightsaber feature and a Leia hologram.
Ugh, what the heck, that sounds really bad, thanks for posting, while those aren't things that would break it for you, they are for me, and that central leg gimmick is a fail all around.

A Leia hologram would have been nice, and a better saber launching look at least should have been there.

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That's such an annoying feature for them to add to this figure. Why not just give him a removable third leg and do away with all the internal mechanisms? Even if this R2 figure had been perfect (which it is far from), this dumb "action feature" would probably still be a deal-breaker for me.

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So, wait, let me get this straight:

They put a tried (and proven untrue) kiddie gimmick on the leg of a figure they hyped as being an adult collector.

JT, where's the facepalm smiley?
Just have to borrow these:
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"What the hell, Hasbro" might as well become the motto for the line. "WTHH" And worst of all, it's the ugliest interpretation of that gimmick ever.

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If you go in expecting a high-end collectible, you might be disappointed. But if you go in just expecting a big cool action figure, you'll be more into this one. I'll have a more thorough review soon.
How about if you go in expecting it not to be defective, and you go in expecting the expensive added articulation to work BETTER than the 3.75" version? What do you do then? "Help me, Jabba-John-El, you're my only hope."

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I opened my sandtrooper this morning, it's very underwhelming. His right leg is completely awkward. While it doesn't have the ball joint problem that JT did, you can't turn the legs out, so he's permanently in that, "I'm riding a miniature horse" pose. Also, whats up with the foot joint? Why do they rotate the way they do? It took me time to get him to stand, and when I finally did, he looks like a child trying to take their first step.
Ugh, that sucks to hear, sorry.

The foot joint is meant to mimic the natural roll and tilt of human anatomy, but still needs to bear weight AND be easily assembled. The foot joint would be a more reasonable joint (aside from the ugly factor) if they had included a lower-leg rotation joint as well, but without it there are missing joints hindering natural movement and I find it infuriating.

While I think he looks nice (outside of all the dirt on the helmet), I have found him to be completely disappointing and impractical. I have a Mexican knock-off 6" sandtrooper from the POTF line and this one feels exactly the same. Why if so many toy companies have been able to make 6" figures look nice and be practical, does Hasbro fall on their face? Is this where we are supposed to stick around and let them work through the kinks and in 5 years we have a perfect figure? Because at $20 that's not going to happen. I don't understand why they just couldn't take the 3" figure design and mold, scale it up, and improve on it.
I really don't know what they were thinking. I do know they couldn't get away with scaling up the 3.75" line, those figures barely look passable at their own scale, you nearly double them and their failures amplify considerably. There's also the weight issue, those joints wouldn't bear enough weight on their own (NOT THAT IT MATTERS WITH THESE HIPS ANYWAY).

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I had no problems at all getting my Sandtrooper into a natural looking pose:
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What about with a rifle though? The E-11 blaster is the easy one, but I couldn't get the T-21 or the MG-34/DLT-19 poses to work at all.

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It is and, I don't want to overstate it, but when I hold the figure in my hands I can't help but think that it's nothing less than one of the greatest Star Wars toys ever created in the entire history of Star Wars toys.
I'm a little surprised you're gushing this hard, as an artist I've seen you come down pretty hard on other products with flaws no worse than this one's. At least yours doesn't have a helmet that looks like it was wedged up a Bantha's backside though, mine was really bad. Now it's Target's problem, and they're going to make it Hasbro's problem since Hasbro started it.

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My problem with the foot isn't with the rockers itself, its with the foots connection to the rockers. The foot spins on the rocker at an odd location. If it was at the ankle of the foot it would have been perfect, but instead, its on the tongue of the shoe.
When you think about where your foot moves, the ankle is a ball joint integrated to the top of the foot, and its most roll is on the lengthwise axis of the foot (inwards only) so the joint emulates that by integrating a ball-hinge joint into the top of the foot and connecting along a lengthwise axis of the shoe, albeit at the tongue of the shoe (but the tongue is where the ankle starts, so it's justifiable).

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These are about as "natural" of a pose as I can get. As you can see, the right leg armor is wedged against the groin. It appears that both legs are meant to rotate from a joint that is under the armor, but I can only rotate the left leg, and I felt like I was going to break it the entire time to get it loose. I feel like the joint is an oval, instead of a circle, thus limiting the rotation.

The third picture is the foot joint I was referring to. It rotates at the shoe tongue instead of the ankle which serves absolutely no purpose what so ever; unless the goal is to show what a stormtrooper looks like with a broken ankle.

The fourth picture is without the Sandtrooper gear. Oddly enough, He looks really good as a plain stormtrooper, even with the leg issue. Although he does look as if he accidentally dropped his helmet in a mud pit.

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3 possibilities on that right leg:
- the hip joint was assembled upside-down so it's inverted, this could be fixable because it just needs to be rotated around on its central axis and then the thigh rotated on the swivel, but probably the hip armor will get in the way of this;
- they assembled a left hip joint into the right hip area by mistake, and it's defective;
- there's nothing wrong and you just need to put it in hot water to free the thigh swivel.

As for the foot joint, here's why it's not useless:
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(MimoMicro 3PO is fascinated)