I'm sort of agreeing with Mr. Roboto and Slicker here.

The first thing I don't like is the lack of civility. But it is worse at rebelscum than it is here.

I saw a thread where my own friend BigBarada here was mistreated over at rebelscum about one dumb issue or another.

Mr. Roboto: You are right that there is a lack of interesting product. I do not buy more Resculpts of figures I already own. Yes Slicker, Those are apologists that are claiming how great the new black line is.

It offers me little but I will buy three figures: Plagueis, 6" ROTS Obi-Wan, 6"ROTS Bespin Luke.

If the 3 3/4" Dagobah Luke is interesting with his jacket open I'll consider it.

I am usually not posting because I do not want to add to the negativity but at least I am NOT attacking others.