So last week Amazon had all wave 1 on sale for $16, I grabbed another Sandtrooper to replace my second defecto, and got Luke. I now have all of wave 1.

Sandtrooper, 3rd pass, finally a keeper - surprisingly decent paint, no broken parts, helmet mostly matches. Still some bald white here and there. There are a couple issues I noticed that I think have been overlooked so far, the helmet is too wide for the ANH Sandtrooper costume, it's too jowly. Also, the backpack is sitting too high, I haven't seen a single trooper image where they're wearing it at mid-helmet like this, they're always below the shoulders, that'd translate into sitting at least 9" too high; it's also about 10% too big.

Luke X-wing Pilot - another lucky get, the paint is pretty decent on the white flak vest. Out of package and posed, the hips aren't as obviously oversized. Sculpting and paint are pretty good, the small eyes work well. The painted face isn't too bad, I'm more annoyed at the orange paint over black plastic forearms, it gets away with it but it's hardly perfect at the joints. Better than I expected at this price, but I can see why I would have been more harsh at full price.

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I was looking at Darth Maul in the store and really considering buying him, but I might wait for a different day. The had 2 X-wing Lukes there, but I wasn't terribly impressed by those. Something about the leg and torso proportions that seemed off to me. I also didn't care for the orange hair paint job either.
It's the hips that are probably throwing you off, Hasbro for some reason went with a T-bar hip system that requires the anchor point inside the crotch to be a little wider than it should be, so the hips are further apart and slightly bigger than they should be. Once it's out of package, it's not as offensive and you can easily pose the figure to look more natural, but it is something they made a dubious choice by doing.

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I take both the price and the fact that these are produced by Hasbro into consideration.

If you look at our options, we have the $6 Saga Legends line, the $10 "Premium" 3.75" line, and then the $20 6" line. After that there is nothing until you get to the $80 Gentle Giant Jumbo Kenner line and then the $120+ Sideshow 12" line.

So, the $20 pricetag is factored into my opinion of this line, but only because it's so low in comparison to Gentle Giant and Sideshow.

Also, this is Hasbro we're talking about. Expecting a high-quality collectors line out of Hasbro is like expecting gourmet food out of McDonalds. You might be fortunate enough 2 or 3 times in your life to get some amazing food out of McDonalds, but most of the time you're just lucky if you don't drive home with food poisoning.

It's the same with Hasbro. You just have to expect a certain low-quality to even their most "premium" toy offerings. Every once in a while, they'll surprise you and turn out something amazing (TVC Gamorrean Guard); but most of the time you're just going to end up with a children's toy. Even the 6" line says 'ages 4+' on the packaging so those figures still qualify as children's toys.

Now if I buy something from Sideshow that's designed with the intention of being a high-quality collectors item, I'm much more demanding. For instance, I was initially excited about the 12" Bossk figure, but have seen way too many minor flaws on the figure to justify paying close to $200 for it. If that had been a $100 figure, then it would be in my collection now and I would be able to overlook those flaws.

Also, after so many years collecting vintage Kenner figures, I'm a bit desensitized to price and $20 per figure still feels cheap to me. I don't really start becoming super nitpicky until the price crosses the $75 mark.
I'm not sure I can look at these figures and compare them to GG or Sideshow, they still don't cross that line into "true collectible" that you could call a reasonable level of competition on. I suppose that's where you and I part ways in our opinions on this line. And I can back that claim up in that Amazon had the figures for $16 last week, so I went and bought Luke X-wing and another Sandtrooper to replace my second defective one. So where $20 felt too high, $16 did not and now I own a figure I thought I'd never get. All it takes for some holdouts is increasing the value or lowering the cost.

The fact that you have some "it's all good between $10 and $75" range is a little weird to me, there's a massive variety there, the GG mini bust line has lived its whole life in there.

Here's my problem with the "Hasbro is McDonalds" argument, it's both true and seems to actively be getting worse, yet Hasbro is pushing these as a gourmet product line that is intended to get away with that, they have gone out of their way to present the line as partnering with one of the best collector companies in the Star Wars licensee pantheon - Gentle Giant - when it's obvious that Hasbro's factory just takes the great sculpts and paint and churns them into something far less than they should be to save money for Hasbro's bottom line.

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Wow.... This got really heated really fast.

Personally, I've not been impressed. I don't care if anyone else is or isn't. But I'd like to point out that I also take into account that these "premium" figures are made by Hasbro....

...The same Hasbro that routinely makes G.I. Joe figures for half the price that stomp The Black Series in pretty much every way. More joints, better paint application, more accessories. Look at figures like the Cobra Combat Ninja, Kwinn, or the Data-Viper; Hasbro should be able to do a lot more with a figure that costs twice as much, and they simply haven't. (The three examples I used were only from the latest wave; Low-Light and Commando Snake Eyes are two or three years old and still light-years beyond than any Star Wars figure ever produced by Hasbro in any size).

Hasbro also makes Transformers that tend to be a bit more hit-and-miss in terms of quality, but routinely have a lot more moving parts, even on figures that sell for a quarter of The Black Series' $20 price tag, with joint issues being quite rare.

Just saying, if you like 'em, go ahead and like 'em. I happen to be underwhelmed.
Yes, it got heated too easily.

Hasbro is showing issues on planning, budgeting, and styling with Star Wars, my guess is that the license cost has eaten itself into the brand too heavily, but it could also be about the specific factory in China. That factory is ultimately who produces the final sculpts, they interpret all the quality work Hasbro does into the cut steel molds, and that factory is the bottleneck of choices.

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Yeah. My point about a $20 figure is that it is for collectors - to be authentic.

Don't include the blaster or lightsaber for ANH Luke.

It's an authentic collector figure, right?

How about extra hands (gloves on, gloves off? or damaged ROTJ hand?)

2 helmets: visor up, visor down?

Don't know. Don't collect these. Don't really care.
Gloves off would require an entire new forearm, the articulation is midway down the glove so half of the glove is sculpted to the forearm piece and half is a separate hand.

The figure is still authentic with or without his gun and lightsaber. Yes, Hasbro could have sculpted an expensive, complicated gunbelt (because in ESB the holster is on a separate gunbelt that is attached to the outer weather jacket, not the flight suit itself, so they'd have to cheat) but that'd be a waste of budget.

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Thank you Senor Tricks. :-P
Thank Hasbro for delivering so many failures my way.

Honest question. Is the Black Series figure specifically from ANH? Is there a possibility it could be from ESB too? Once again I'm just seriously asking.
Yes, it's clearly from ANH, the outfit is only used in ANH, the facial sculpt and hair are specific to ANH (Mark Hamill's face was badly injured after filming ANH, so it has some different structure in ESB), even the lightsaber itself is specific to ANH (in ESB, the prop changed a few little elements such as the red button under the emitter as well as on top). Like the Sandtrooper, they really did go for more authenticity with these, and I consider that a good thing.

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No, the outfits are different. The pilots wear puffier jumpsuits and lighter-colored boots and gloves on Hoth, and since Luke goes from Hoth to Dagobah to Bespin, he only wears the snowspeeder pilot gear in the film. He wears the X-wing gear in ROTJ, but the figure wouldn't work for that due to the pre-car-accident appearance.
The flight suit in ESB is the same, what's different is the design of a puffy, slightly different shade of orange jacket which sits on top of the regular flight suit. That over-jacket has ribbing down the shoulders not unlike Greedo's jacket, it has a rank badge over the left breast under the flak vest, and a very puffy and tall collar. Luke's boots on Hoth are the same ones seen on Dagobah, a stark departure from the ANH leather boots, and the cylinders-bandolier is on the opposite boot now. Luke's gauntlets are now more workman style than flight style. The flak vest looks similar but is actually altered with the straps attached to the chest on the outside with snaps and has hangers below that. The chest box is the same but the hose now goes into the flight suit on the hip rather than the torso (since the upper body is covered by the over-jacket). Luke wears a headsock, and the helmet no longer has a microphone. And the outfit has a gunbelt over everything with a holster sporting a tie around the leg.