None of us can take our collection with us of course.

I also don't have the room in my place (barring I'm stuck living in 2 bedroom apartments for the rest of my life), so I'm considering selling 1/3 of my collection as dioramas every 10 years (beginning 10 years after I get my first dioramas all set up).

Then, except for any sequel trilogy diorama stuff I am sure to be buying (Jaina Solo!), I will have liquidated my collection in my 70's.

I won't have to worry about it when it's time for me to go to a nursing home and downsize everything (except for maybe by Ep 7-9 stuff).

I don't "need" to make my money back on all I bought. Heck, if Hasbro does only small ships (i.e. newest Slave-One for the $20 price point), people might really love my stuff - especially like a diorama with 2 Corporate Tank Droids, the Turbo Tank, Hailfire, Wookiee Flyer, Swamp Speeder, Droid Gunship, Dwarf Spider Droids - all in one big shot.

BUT I AM GOING TO INVITE STRANGERS TO MY HOME once every 10 years or so to bid on my collection. A sort of "See before you buy thing."

I'm probably going to use eBay and just see what my diorama building efforts garner. I think I will start 2-month long auctions at only $0.99!

Like I said, I'm not worried about what I make on the toys. For me, it's not about money, but a high sale point is a compliment to my collection.

Meanwhile, I will (instead of a reserve) indicate that people that want to see before they buy must be bidders and the price must climb over a certain dollar value and then I'll give them my private address location.

I hate shipping and will not be responsible, so I will limit my selling circle by saying "auction winners are responsible for picking up their winning items in person." I will make appointments and stay all day if necessary for people to pack stuff. (Only one winner and their help in my home at a time - not a convention at my place where I cannot supervise the packing).

I AM NOT CONCERNED WITH SNIPING - but I don't think it will come to that, because for you to view before you buy, I will set the bid requirement up to at least half the purchasing value before I invite strangers.

I will have a computer available for them to log on and place their max bids while they're here.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: I will have an opportunity to engage with other Star Wars fans who are interested in this stuff and the reason for some 2 (or even 3) month auction is to display my stuff online in another forum (eBay obviously) so I can interact with more people online. And someone just looking for a TurboTank might see all my other stuff.

I will have the auctions all ending around Comic Con so some international and east-coasters / mid-westerners might have the opportunity to visit if they're high-bidders and pack their stuff if they've won and want to send their items elsewhere.

Then I can guarantee everything and not have a bad rep for any shipping problems.

But who knows if eBay, Comic Con, or any of that stuff will be around in 2024 when I am first ready to sell ANYTHING?

Of if I am very successful, maybe by 2024, I'll have bought a large house and will want to just add another 1/3 or more to what I already can display.

Mostly: 2014-2024 Prequel Trilogy stuff and some classic

2025-2035 Classic Trilogy stuff and Transformers and Terminator

2036-2046 Star Trek and PT / OT Hoth and Bespin (mostly ESB) stuff

2047 - until my death (OK - I'm in my 70's now) - Sequel Trilogy Jaina Solo-Fel / Ben Skywalker stuff

Depending upon world economics and whether larger vehicles ever return, I will have pretty good vehicle and high-end Star Wars stuff to display and offer that may not be available in the future. I have some 80's vintage amongst it all and 30 years from now, some folks like those amongst you today who try to collect the 80's vintage will actually want the millennial prequel trilogy stuff etc.

I have Droid and Clone ARMIES and ROTJ OT fighter FLEETS!