Just received this latest entry in Hot Toys fine line of 1:6 scale figures from Nolan's "Dark Knight" saga...


Very well done figure. Usual great attention to detail. The body features some specialized parts...the upper chest and neck are all one piece and feature sculpt details like the scar on his back.

The head sculpt is phenomenal...especially around the eyes...capturing Hardy's menacing attitude perfectly.

Not much in the way of accessorizes here, but what little there is does lend itself to several alternative display looks for the figure, mainly from the movie's latter half. Having Batman's broken cowl as an accessory is a cool touch...looks cool on display at his feet.

I haven't been brave enough yet to remove the harness and put on the shirt (there are instructions included)....part of that is because I'm so impressed with how HT handles the exposed joints on this figure....yes, they are visible, but the sculpting and design is so well rendered that the lines of the body in appearance stay true...it doesn't look clunky. An impressive solution that I enjoy looking at and am not anxious to cover up.

The box is nice enough....well-rendered with bold graphics and some texture. The only odd thing about it is the highly stylized pic of Bane on the box lid features him wearing the trailmaster jacket he features in much of the film (the rooftop encounter, the Stock Exchange, the Dagget confrontation). Strange to feature and article of clothing on the cover that is NOT included with this figure. But that is a very minor thing considering the strength of this release.

Bane looks pretty awesome next to HT's Dark Knight figure...an impressive display indeed.

Here's a look at this fine figure...

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