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    Article: Disney To Release ‘Star Wars’ Spinoffs Based On Individual Characters

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    This sounds more interesting (and opportunistic) than the sequels. They could tell some neat stories.

    Is there any doubt that Yoda will be first?

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    I have a very bad feeling about this.

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    Apparently, one will be about Fett and Solo.

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    I knew this was coming... just as Disney did with Marvel.

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    The spin-offs to be filmed:
    • Jar Jar's Big Adventure
    • Jango Unchained
    • J.J. Abrams presents Star Trek VS. Star Wars: Into the Darkside
    • Avengers VS. Star Wars
    • Star Wars: The Emperor's New Groove

    And that is just for 2013.
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    Power Droid: It's Hip to be Square

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    I like the idea of visiting the expanded universe to generate more interest in the mainstream. Casual fans or movie only fans don't know about the Sith War or characters like Corran Horn.

    I hope they don't do Yoda. He has enough attention and I personally feel his mystique adds to the character. Like Boba Fett before we found out he was just a xerox of Jango with a bad attitude. Now he's just one of a million other clones.


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