I know the one (nicer) set went to TRU, but the majority of Endor-themed stuff is going right to K-Mart.

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You know the 2 new battle packs in 2012 with the 6 points of articulation - Naboo Jedi battle and Bespin Fight? Apparently Hasbro is doing a whole line of that type of simpler figure for their Star Wars and Marvel brands, designing the product for a lower, more kid-friendly pricepoint.
Oh, wonderful. Have they lost track of what made them so big--licenses and figures that appeal to kids and adults? I'm concerned this will scavenge resources--and, more importantly, peg space--from the regular line. Why should retailers order the figures that cost twice as much (and will presumably move at half the speed) when they can get the junk ones?

In any case, if kids are going for one line and adults for another, will those sales be counted as one action figure line? Or will the numbers folks be saying a year from now, "I don't understand! Star Wars is no longer the #1 action figure line!"?

Sadly, given the recent developments in Joe articulation, and overall size and quality of TF's, it looks like they're mostly moving in the cheapo direction. The last couple of years have produced some staggering figures (have you seen things like Pursuit of Cobra Low-Light?), and I really hope they don't throw away all that progress. At the very least, it's likely that Walgreens won't be the go-to place for figures that were undershipped the previous year, because I imagine they'll opt for the junk figures.