Honestly . . . aside for the scout trooper, there are zero figures in the small scale black line I like. And I'm only wanting the scout trooper because the one that came with my speeder bike is defective (Neck ball joint is kinda welded so that it doesn't work properly). But, I think I'm probably about done collecting the smaller scailed figures. Going to sell two shelves worth of stuff and be done. Now the 6 inch figures? Luke, R2, and the storm trooper are all deffinet buys for me the moment I find them regardless of protest from my other half. They're just everything I could ever want in those figures and then some. My only gripe with them, is that on R2 the little ...holo projector light? on the top of his head is at a 90 degree straight up angle. I dont think I've ever seen has bro do it at a different angle or, even better, make it a small ball jointed part. Even still, very very easy buy for me. Way too cool not to. 3PO will be a must have for sure if they release him.