As a man, I still don't like Elizabeth's double-standard.

She gets to sleep around, with Gregory she at least even liked it. But if Phillip is with his ex from Russia, it's marital discord and separation time.

What's frustrating now is that these two apparently both truly love each other. If they'll just decide to have an open relationship - I mean it not mattering if outside affairs are business or pleasure - than they'd be fine and their kids would be better off.

I can't believe Phillip got married to that other FBI woman.

And how does the main FBI character get that fine, young Russian piece?

Man, I was thinking Kerri Russel was hot (and I normally don't look at older women) but man, that young KGB lieutenant! But why did she spill her guts to her superior? She really fell for that honor-duty patriotic crap? I know it's Soviet propoganda, but you got to look at the whole picture: there's American propoganda too of course.