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    Survivor: Caramoan

    Should be an interesting season since there's a few loose cannon vets back! Can't wait until 8 p.m.!

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    Thoughts on the first ep and it does contain spoilers.

    * I gotta feel for Francesca. Being voted out first two times is very defeating. I really thought Cochran would've went home first because of his feet. Those were Hobbit-esque feet!

    * Was really hoping Crazy Philip's little secret agent wouldn't pop out of his red drawers.

    * If the fans lost, I would've bet moneyt that Shamar would've gone packing. Yes, he made fire but that wasn't enough to win over folks.

    * Little Hantz didn't get much camera time, but that's gonna change next week!

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    Shamar is one lucky dude. If it weren't for Katie (?) opening her mouth at tribal, he would've been gone, and rightfully so. Like Reynold said, I appreciate Shamar's service to our country, but man laying around the hut for 19 hours? That's just plain lazy in my book!

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    It's been a long time since there's been a tie at tribal council. I kept waiting for one of the Gota morons to bring up Shamar wanting to quit the game. That would've shifted the voting, or should have.

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    It took a medical emergency but we're finally rid of Shamar. I don't think he would've survived the vote, though. The tide had turned against him.

    Glad to see the remaining Gota tribe members voting smart for once. Laura was a weak link. Keeping the strong guys around was smart.

    Next week's preview looks great!

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    It has to be a genetic thing that makes the Hantz men coo coo for Cocoa Puffs. Brandon's meltdown was monumental, and it makes me wonder with some of the stuff he was saying, why did he even bother to agree to do the show again?

    Here's an interesting interview with Probst that discusses what was going on behind the scenes of the meltdown.


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