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    Japanese THX figures

    There is a Col 1 Vader w/ hologram, Col 3 Vader w/o hologram, Han Solo w/ hologram, & Ben w/o hologram

    Here is a picture of the 18 different Japanese THX figures that I have.
    Luke LS
    Luke SS
    Vader LS
    Vader SS
    Stormtrooper both blasters taped
    Stormtrooper no tape
    Ben LS
    Ben SS
    Ben SSS
    Han Solo
    Vader Col 1
    Han Solo narrow head
    Han Solo wide head
    Darth Vader Col 3

    I have a Vader sss on the way.

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    What to they have inside? a THX flyer or something? What does it say? That's just kind of weird advertising THX with action figures.

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    THX insert

    It is a full color insert advertising the re-release of the Star Wars movies. It is called THX insert because of the big yellow THX on the front of the insert.

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    Oh, well that makes much more sense

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    WOW, that is a BEAUTIFUL collection. I love those Japanese THX figs. Do you have any more pics? I'm mainly interested in the Stormtroopers and Darth Vaders!

    BTW, turbowars was looking for the GC THX figs. Where did you find them? How much did they set you back?
    May the force be with you.

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    As a matter of fact I am looking for the Green Carded THX figures and thanks to this great site I'm making a deal to get a col#1 Vader and a col#3 Vader. Still need Han and Ben. Hey whats up with the different headed Han.
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