So I watched CNN's Coming Storms.

I probably wouldn't last long in the post-storm-appocalypse. I couldn't get the anti-rejection drugs to protect my kidney transplant. However, "not long" would actually mean I'd probably survive a couple YEARS while my health declined and my kidney rejected and then quit functioning because my immune system attacks it - especially if I got sick more often because of unsanitary conditions in the post disaster appocalypse. (That could be a massive earthquack in SoCal where I live however.) I don't think it will be a fire.

Now things I would enjoy:

1) my toy collection would be destroyed and I'd no longer have to persevere with my plans to build dioramas and organize my stuff in the first place. Quitting and living a simpler life without that would feel good.

2) I should probably head into the nation's heartland and live in the central midwest which might be safe and where I actually could get my medication. That would take the fun out of #3.

3) I could run around wth my guns robbing and killing people, unleashing all my anger and hate and utilizing survivalist training I've had in an every-man-for-himself scenerio and I could even make myself dictator of a group of refugees like in Walking Dead or the way John Connor took control of the Human Resistance in those beautiful appocalypse landscapes we see in the Future Wars of the Terminator series where living is re-simplified back to our hunter-gatherer state and people band together for tribal survival, or at the very least, the strong survive by being the strongest individuals. I don't fancy I'd last too long, but I very well might if I'm tactful. It might not be as fun as the Resistance full frontal assault scenerio - oh, but with Predators and robot tactical machines like Skull Crunchers - our appocalypse actually could be very much like in Terminator. Dang that would be awesome!

Anyway, since this thread is primarily about the weather changes and disastrous storms, what do you think will happen and how will you survive?