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    Hobbit figures good custom fodder?

    One of the stores in my area has clearanced the Hobbit figures. They caught my eye back in December, when the movie first came out, but I looked at them a little closer last night. I see some custom possibilities with the Thorin and Legalos figures, and they can't be beat for the price.

    Anyone else pick them up?

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    I haven't, but I did see last night at Kmart that they're blowing them out at crazy low prices - $2 for individual figures, $4 for two-packs, and $8 for the bigger figures, IIRC. So you might want to check them out to see what they've got - I haven't actually seen The Hobbit figures anywhere else but TRU and Barnes and Noble.
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    The price is what caught my attention. I wasn't going to pay full price for these back in December but for those dirt-cheap prices, I'm willing to try.

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    I picked up four figures -- two singles and one two-pack -- for $8 and some change. The heads on the dwarf figures are good. Need to whittle down the neck post on a SW figure for them to fit but definitely some customizing possibilities.

    Also, the accessories are great! The swords fit in with the Old Republic.

    Oh, it was Kmart where I found them. Don't remember seeing them at any other store. Might look at trying to find Gandolf.


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