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    im really hoping we get a cool han bespin figure in this style and maybe obiwan in clone armour

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazydave75 View Post
    im really hoping we get a cool han bespin figure in this style and maybe obiwan in clone armour
    The Obi-Wan/Maul 2-pack has Kenobi with the arm armor. I'd like a good Bespin Han, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    The Obi-Wan/Maul 2-pack has Kenobi with the arm armor. I'd like a good Bespin Han, too.
    Not to mention that there's another TCW Obi-Wan coming on a single card, with the chest, shoulder, and leg armor, as well.

    I found the Saga Legends Stormtrooper last night at Target. I haven't opened him yet, but I'm assuming he was left there since the paint's a little bit sloppy. He still looks pretty awesome, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    But they've actually painted the three lights in each eye this time, which is either extremely rare or the first time ever (I can't remember at the moment).
    You are correct, the 3 lights in each eye are new to C-3PO, and an utterly odd addition for a line aimed at kids because it's SUCH a small element that it'd barely register for a lot of collectors. Still quite cool, if you can find one that doesn't look all weird.
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    I do like what they've done with the stormtrooper and the clones however they should still have the cloth skirt on the likes of Rex and the snowtrooper I'm not keen on the way they're moulded on

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    I found the rest of Saga Legends wave 2 over the weekend.

    Both Cody and Rex look very simple, but cool. If they had more paint applications, they'd be great. I don't really mind Rex's skirt as it looks fairly normal from the front. I still want the realistic phase I Rex as this doesn't quite scratch that itch, but it's cool to finally have a realistic, albeit simplified, Rex.

    The Stormtrooper is indeed pretty awesome – it's a great sculpt, but again, the paint could be stronger. Not that it needs more details, but it's slightly sloppy on my sample and this sculpt would look even better with tighter deco. At the same time, I don't really remember stormtroopers really ever holding their arms completely straight down at the sides, so it's a trade-off. I'd like to see this sculpt repacked with at least swivel elbows and wrists to hold the blaster properly – then I'd gladly buy way more.

    Boba is pretty nice. His detailing isn't too simplified, still including the silver scuffs and dings. He's less bulky than both 2012's Battle Pack version and the Mission Series Jango figure but still requires a little maneuvering to get him into the mini Slave I.

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    Found the Stormtrooper, Cody and Boba Fett at Target yesterday. I only bought the Stormtrooper and he's a pretty amazing figure that's unfortunately marred by sloppy paint apps. I had to take an X-acto knife blade to his frown to trim off the over painted areas and go back in with a fine tipped marker to even things out. It looks much, much better now.

    As for the articulation and the sculpt, I think it's perfect just the way it is.

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    Saw the new two-packs earlier this week at Target. 3PO and R2 looked good. If someone was interested in making a small dio, those figures would be perfect.

    Han and Chewie looked good, too.

    Now the set I was looking forward to the most, well... I didn't buy the Obi-Wan and Maul because of the sloppy paint on Maul. Hoping to find a better one out there. But now that I saw it in person, I think I can customize a Maul. Too bad Hasbro didn't give us this Maul with POA.


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