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    Jabba's Sailbarge in Rebels?

    Mods, we probably need a section to discuss the Star Wars Rebels line.

    However, it's good this thread started in the black series section.

    In Rebels, Jabba the Hutt would be alive.

    Thus, I come to my often-hoped-for-conclusion that a Sailbarge for our 3 3/4" figures is still possible.
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    I complained about the PT being little more than toy advertisements but here I would fully endorse it

    Yeah, I'd still love to get the Sailbarge. Maybe the last vehicle I would ever buy - going on the assumption that large starships just won't ever happen.

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    The fact that they haven't yet announced a Ghost ship for Rebels – the series' equivalent of the Falcon – leads me to believe that other large ships from the series might still be unlikely at this point. Then presumably any big vehicle slots for the next few years will be used by the new trilogy and spinoff films. So maybe we'll see it if it's in one of the spinoff films? I mean, TCW even showed the sail barge but didn't really do anything with it, despite seeing Jabba several times. Hopefully the window on the sail barge hasn't closed, as I want the vehicle myself, but I'm thinking it was never really open to begin with.
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    Tycho, the bottom line is that everyone knows we want the Sail Barge so they'll never make it.
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    I'd be all for it, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. At this point, were lucky to even get figures.

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    This would go in the Saga Legends/Mission Series forum, which I see Steve has renamed "Hasbro Galaxy" - I have not heard that before, but in any case, Rebels vehicles all seem to go under that banner and not TBS or TVC at this juncture.
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