Is anybody going to be buying those simple 5-POA figures coming out this year? Both the Saga Legends $6 ones and potentially the $10 Mission Series ones, I mean.

I'm considering buying the Super Battle Droid, we haven't had an SBD that looked good ever. The one we have is ok if you don't mind the crap articulation and the worthless bendy legs in a very wide pose - I mind those things. At least with the SL kiddie line, there's no bendy legs or stupid wide-legged pose to ruin the figure, and the sculpting looks sharp, and the gun forearm is pre-rotated to the shooting pose.

I'm also considering getting the Jango Fett from the Mission Series 2-pack, that's a sharp-looking Jango and in the movies he does have that pose of just standing there looking composed and like he could strike at any second. I'm a little hesitant as the Battle Droid is the same junk figure we've suffered for too long now (the pull-apart one from the deluxe 3PO set), and Jango only comes with 1 blaster pistol.

Other than that, nothing's really likely to come home with me. The clone figure looks good but a tad wide for my tastes and I already have a billion of 'em. Vader looks alright in the showroom photos Steve took but the sculpt seems skinny, at the very least it's a definite 'wait until it's in the single-carded line' department.