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    I still haven't seen any Saga Legends, but I did find and purchase all four of the Mission Series two-packs (I saw them at two different TRUs).

    I certainly wouldn't want this kind of figure to replace the highly detailed, super-articulated figures we've been accustomed to over the last handful of years, but there is definitely a certain charm to these figures, and some of them even trump their collector-focused counterparts in a few ways. At any rate, paying $10 for two figures feels nice after the constant price increases.

    The plastic definitely feels different - the easiest point of comparison is obviously on the Battle Droids, and it feels a little cheaper, maybe, than the figures we're used to. The packaging artwork is surprisingly cool in person, IMO. This line also features a new style of packaging, with the bubble only glued to the card along the top - once you break that seal, the bubble and tray slide up with ease. (Three of my sets were glued tightly, but one set seemed a little looser.)

    The Seeker Droid is pretty cool, though I would have preferred it to have had more details and parts (like the antenna). Vader doesn't look too great (I opened the Black Series figures I got at the same time, and that Vader is pretty awesome), and especially his helmet looks tiny, but as a vintage-style toy he works. He's the same height as the Evolutions body figures.

    I actually quite like the Anakin figure, even with the poor-looking leg articulation. He doesn't look too bad compared to the Black Series AOTC Anakin - and they're essentially the same height, though this one is paler than the TBS version. But the likeness is far better here than on TBS Anakin.

    Jango just feels like he's too "wide" to me, which is mainly due to the helmet and jetpack. It's really not too shabby though, and it's nice to get a Jango who isn't lilac. Unlike what early photos showed, he does include two blasters.

    I also like the clones for what they are. The helmets are too small - sizewise, Hasbro should probably split the difference between these guys and the TVS/TBS ROTS trooper helmets. The eyeholes look small compared to previous versions, but I could definitely see these being successful as diorama fodder. I didn't compare to all previous versions, but the 501st Trooper is definitely lighter in color than the TVC figure. The straight arms obviously don't lend themselves to many action poses, but just standing at attention, they look good. They're a little shorter than the TVC mold.

    The aforementioned Battle Droids, despite feeling like an obviously different plastic to the myriad previous releases, really aren't bad. I've seen online how people are having issues keeping them standing, and while I didn't have them set up standing for very long, I didn't have any problems - they stood as well as, if not better than, the other releases of this mold.

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    The Seeker Droid with antennae, are you referring to the Star Tours version?

    Based on what I've seen in stores, I agree with you on these Clones' helmet heads size and visor.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    The Seeker Droid with antennae, are you referring to the Star Tours version?

    Based on what I've seen in stores, I agree with you on these Clones' helmet heads size and visor.
    I need to check the film, but I believe the ones seen in ROTS have antennae and this figure does not.

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    I've been seeing more and more of these figures trickling into retail stores. Saw most of wave 1 for both Saga Legends and Mission Series. Picked up my second Shock Trooper and tempted to get the AOTC Clone as well, but the paint apps on the visor were a bit messed up. So I think I'll wait until they start showing up in greater numbers.

    If these figures are going to be as plentiful in stores as most people seem to be thinking, then I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities to buy more of them.

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    I got the Mission Series Darth Vader from a collector over on Rebelscum. He was just looking to give the figure away and only wanted me to pay shipping so I couldn't pass up that deal.

    I actually bought the Black Series Bespin Darth Vader last week, so I've had a chance to compare the "premium" super-articulated Vader with this new 5-POA Vader.

    With the Black Series Vader I was instantly disappointed that this was the same aging Vader sculpt that I bought 8 years ago for $30 (as part of the Evolutions set), except this time it doesn't have the removable helmet. One leg is shorter than the other so he tends to lean to his left and he has that same collapsed chest because of how the figure is assembled with the soft goods inner cape. Also, after 8 years, Hasbro still hasn't figured out how to make this Vader figure hold his lightsaber in his right hand. Instead we get a "flare" effect that looks like it wouldn't have even passed muster in 2002 and a spare Han Solo blaster. Speaking of outdated ideas, that stupid silver string around his neck is back. Ugh. His helmet sculpt appears to be all-new and it's nice and shiny, which was what convinced me to give this figure a chance. Unfortunately, the figure I have has a lot of plastic "flash" around the mold seams and that ends up making the overall sculpt look sloppy and cheap. The one bright spot is his lightsaber which is made from a plastic that reflects light much better than previous sabers, although it tends to look more orange than red in sunlight. Overall, this figure gets a C- from me.

    The Mission Series Vader is a really cool figure! The sculpt is super simplified, but works really well for what the figure is supposed to be. I really like how his inner cape is sculpted directly onto the figure. Sure it splits because of the leg articulation, but that was a common thing in the vintage Kenner line. So I think it looks fine and makes the figure feel sturdier and more Kenner-esque. I'm pretty sure this is intended to be an Ep3 Vader figure because the helmet very much resembles the symmetrical ROTS helmet. The best thing about this figure is that he can hold his lightsaber in his right hand! The cloth cape appears to be made from the same material as all the other Vader capes that we've gotten, but for some reason it feels like it hangs differently and has more weight to it. It might just be my imagination or maybe the lack of a cloth inner cape is causing it to feel more unhindered. I can see how some collectors might consider the figure to be cheap, but I think it succeeds because Hasbro didn't try to do too much here, like they've done with the Black Series Vader. Overall, I give this figure an A-, I like it that much.

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    Looking at pics out there of MS Vader, it seems the helmet is ROTS based on the shorter flare to the helmet.

    The cape on MS Vader looks like it's tailored differently than other lines, the side hems are smaller, thinner.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I got and opened the Saga Legends figures this weekend. I'll write more detailed reviews soon, but overall, I actually really like them. Their plastic is more similar to the Black Series figures - Mission Series feel and look more "matte" while Saga Legends feel like normal figures. I would probably like Mission Series more than I do if they were in the normal plastic.

    Of particular note, R4-P17 is the same scale as the TVC R2-D2, meaning it's more accurate than most other droid figures. And Yoda's headsculpt is probably my favorite PT Yoda look or at least close to it.

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    I finally saw some of the Mission Series ones (Anakin, Jango, Vader). I just don't know if I want more of the same-looking figures I have multiples of already.
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    I see some customizing potential with these figures. I was hoping the heads would just pop off but looks like a little boil and pop is required.

    I want to get the MS Vader and probe droid for the droid. Heard it's the same droid that came with one of the Star Tour sets but painted differently.

    I also heard the R2-P7 fits nicely in one of the previous Y-wing droid slots.

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    I picked up my third Shock Trooper figure and the Jango Fett/Battle Droid 2-pack. This is the first Jango figure that I've bought since 2002 and the first realistic Battle Droid that I've bought since 2003 (I did pick up some CW Battle Droids back in 2008); so I haven't developed any sort of collectors fatigue from these characters yet.

    Jango Fett is awesome and probably the best depiction of the character in action figure form that I've seen. It captures Temuera Morrison's stocky build perfectly and reminds me of why I thought Jango was such a cool character back in 2002. My only complaint is that his rocket-pack sits a little loosely on his back, so I'm wishing they had gone with a square shaped peg to keep it from rotating around. No biggie, though, and I'll probably just end up gluing the backpack in place.

    I actually like the Battle Droid figure and I have no trouble at all getting it to stand on its own (the key is to use his gun arm to counterbalance the figure). I also prefer the red coloring of the Ep2 BDs, so I ended up with two figures that I'm really happy with from this set.

    Who knew that it would be a reduced articulation, "Kenner-esque" line of toys that would get me interested in Prequel characters again and that they would soon make up nearly half of my entire Star Wars collection?


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