Amazon has the Jango/Battle Droid set on half price, so I bought it. The droid is the one from the deluxe C-3PO AOTC set so it comes apart. Unfortunately, the way it's packaged has its right leg pretty warped and it won't stand at all, the feet are a quarter of an inch different in height.

As for Jango, it's an ok figure but I'm not as impressed in person as I was behind glass. The sculpt is decent but up close its fine details aren't as sharp as they initially seemed, this reminds me of some of the POTF2 figures from the first few years only minus the bulky bodies. The pose is a little wide but neutral and acceptable, I really don't like the extreme tilt of the head though, he's always stuck looking at the floor about 6 proportional feet in front of him - I think the idea is menace, but it doesn't come off quite right. The lack of waist articulation hampers it more than I expected. The visor on the helmet is sculpted very narrow and this is the thing that throws it off the most because it looks like a cartoon version of the character while squinting. Deco is pretty good on the figure, the backpack is cast in metallic blue plastic and has only dark purple paint at the nozzles and tips which comes off a bit simple. The backpack is also a little too big, between the color and size it almost seems like it's for a different toy line, but it's hardly a disaster. His blasters are almost twice as long as they should be, they're longer than his forearm, but I suppose that's so the kids don't lose them as easily or something. He has a hard time standing.