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    Amazon has the Jango/Battle Droid set on half price, so I bought it. The droid is the one from the deluxe C-3PO AOTC set so it comes apart. Unfortunately, the way it's packaged has its right leg pretty warped and it won't stand at all, the feet are a quarter of an inch different in height.

    As for Jango, it's an ok figure but I'm not as impressed in person as I was behind glass. The sculpt is decent but up close its fine details aren't as sharp as they initially seemed, this reminds me of some of the POTF2 figures from the first few years only minus the bulky bodies. The pose is a little wide but neutral and acceptable, I really don't like the extreme tilt of the head though, he's always stuck looking at the floor about 6 proportional feet in front of him - I think the idea is menace, but it doesn't come off quite right. The lack of waist articulation hampers it more than I expected. The visor on the helmet is sculpted very narrow and this is the thing that throws it off the most because it looks like a cartoon version of the character while squinting. Deco is pretty good on the figure, the backpack is cast in metallic blue plastic and has only dark purple paint at the nozzles and tips which comes off a bit simple. The backpack is also a little too big, between the color and size it almost seems like it's for a different toy line, but it's hardly a disaster. His blasters are almost twice as long as they should be, they're longer than his forearm, but I suppose that's so the kids don't lose them as easily or something. He has a hard time standing.
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    I bought the Obi-Wan for customizing. The plastic is a different texture than other SW figures, and I had to add an extra coat or two of paint.

    I want to get the Vader two-pack for the seeker droid.

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    Some people have been buying the 2nd wave of Saga Legends and Movie heroes from overseas sellers (the ones who many think might be selling factory rejects) and I have to say that the new Stormtrooper figure looks amazing!

    Here's a link to the thread on RS:

    If the link takes you to the start of the thread, the best in-hand photos of the figure start at post #248.

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    If Hasbro would compromise and add knee and elbow articulation for another $1.50-2.50 a figure, I would be all over these. As it is, I haven't bought any and have absolutely no plans to buy any. Even my kids think they look inferior and ask for other things in the store instead.

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    The Maul figure that's supposed to come out next year intrigues me. It looks like it should've been released with the BS.

    I've thought about trying to customize one, based on the pix. Still might but it will have to wait until after Christmas.

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    I've been surprisingly impressed with this line; but I'm probably just going to buy a couple of Stormtroopers and keep my eyes out for any other OT Imperials that Hasbro decides to do (fingers crossed for a TIE Fighter Pilot). I'm not planning to buy anything from any other lines, though, so 100% of my future Star Wars purchases will be from the 5-POA line.

    I thought that I would be bothered by the lack of articulation, but I realized that the only reason I wanted super-articulation in the first place was in reaction to the preposed figures that Hasbro was producing from 1995-2003. I prefer to display my figures in as neutral a pose as possible and SA was great for undoing silly action poses. However, if the figure is sculpted in a neutral stance in the first place, I find that I don't miss the articulation at all.

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    I picked up Mission Series wave 2 at TRU yesterday.

    R2 and 3PO is a pretty awesome set - they've only been sold in a two-pack twice before, but never in their classic looks (2002 Holiday and 2009 Geonosis Arena Showdown). R2 is a repaint of R4-P17, but so many of the smaller paint details were left off, so he's a little too plain. C-3PO looks pretty amazing, frankly - be sure to get one with well-painted eyes, which may be easier said than done. But they've actually painted the three lights in each eye this time, which is either extremely rare or the first time ever (I can't remember at the moment). He can't sit, and his right elbow is bent and restricts some movement. But if the paint were tighter and more complete on these two, they'd be amazing.

    Han and Chewie is a fun set. Han's wrist is posed so that he holds the blaster down at a slight angle, making shooting poses even more awkward than usual. Han's hair looks more like the ROTJ pseudo-mullet than the ANH shag, and his face looks a little older than he appeared in ANH. Chewie's paint is where he falls short - his teeth are over-painted so they look huge, his eyes are pointed up (what would an eight-foot-tall Wookiee need to look up at?), and overall he's a flat, light brown with some darker accents only on the shoulders. His gray bowcaster is a new sculpt (as is Han's blaster), but it's in three pieces and the one on top has a tendency to fall off.

    Maul vs. Obi is the biggest cool factor for me, as a fan of TCW. Obi-Wan is the Saga Legends figure with new paint (I didn't compare yet, but he's a redhead now) and new arms with armored forearms. The Vintage TCW Obi-Wan was his Season 13 look, while this is Season 35. I'm still not a fan of the T-crotch these Jedi have, but he looks cool and determined.

    Darth Maul is the second all-new figure this line has brought us, the first being wave 1's Seeker Droid. This is Maul as he appeared after Death Watch replaced his robotic legs, through the time he got the snot kicked out of him by Sidious. The gray on his undershirt/tunic thing is too light, and his head is a darker red than his chest. As I've said before, the entire Mandalore arc screamed to be made in figure form, and while I still want a super-articulated version of this Maul (and Obi-Wan in Mandalorian armor), this is pretty slick in its own right.
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    Came across the Fett and Capt. Rex at TRU the other night. They looked half-decent. Fett's jetpack lacked some paint and detail, but it looked almost like the mold from the old POTF2 Fett. If you have a 90s Fett just lying around, you might be able to swap packs.

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    I was considering picking up core characters like Vader, Han, Chewie, etc. since they've looked pretty good in con pictures. The production versions, though, not so much. Especially Vader who has been very disappointing every time I've seen it in person.

    However, I'll definitely be picking up a handful of Stormtroopers if I can. Every picture I've seen of them have looked great, especially groups of them. Jedi Luke is a possibility, too.
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    I found a Fett and Stormtrooper in TRU today; I passed on Rex, Maul/O-WK and Han/Chewie (Han looks like someone stole his stuffed bantha cub toy). First figures I've bought since 6" TBS Han, because I hardly see any new ones anywhere.
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