Thanks to the TRU uber-sale, where TVC figures are $5 and then all SW is bogo50%, I finally got the TVC Ep 1 Darth Sidious figure. One thing I noticed quickly was that his black robes aren't see-through at all, not remotely the chiffon-like crap they use for every Darth Vader's cloak. One of my favorite figures last year was ANH Vader, and even he has the stupid see-through cape and kama skirt (and the upper-body robe is sculpted, so it's not fabric at all). That chiffon fabric not only is translucent, it's also so light that it doesn't take poses, always spreading out like gossamer rather than hanging properly - and at this scale, it makes a HUGE difference.

But this Sidious figure uses an almost entirely opaque black thin cloth for its robe AND its kama skirt - it hangs better and it's not see-through. So why doesn't Hasbro use this material for their Vader figures? Doesn't that bother anybody else?