For the past few years, I've been using Avast antivirus free for my AV needs, it's exceptionally light and quick. However, last night it updated to version 8 and needed a reboot to complete, I didn't bother since I was shutting off the computer anyway. This morning, I turn the computer on and as it's booting up it crashes, BSOD (blue screen of death). I reboot and it gets all the way through the boot this time, reports the BSOD serious error, and a few moments later it BSODs again. I realize the update is likely the cause unless I'm having a hardware failure, so I search and sure enough Avast 8 running opposite Zone Alarm firewall (a very good firewall) causes BSODs, it's been known for weeks in beta and they launched it gold anyway! WHO DOES THAT?!?

I uninstall Avast and install Zone Alarm's antivirus module to the firewall, but it turns out that thing is a memory and resource pig AND if I get an email virus it will wait until the email lands in Thunderbird, my email program, and then remove that entire email folder instead of the single infected email - obviously that's no good. So I had to uninstall Zone Alarm Firewall+Antivirus, reinstall Zone Alarm Firewall without the insane AV, and then track down another effective, non-hog antivirus, eventually going with AVG since it's fairly low resource and works well with Thunderbird.

At this point I'm thinking I should just stuff it all and get a Chromebook. Ha! No, nobody's really thinking that.