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I agree. In a real studio environment, if they were only given three days to create a complete character, then they'd have people pulling all-nighters to get the work done. However, I guess the editors still need time to get the individual recaps of the day filmed and the artists have to refine those concept sketches.
I forgot about the interview recaps, that's a really good point. Do they have the artists refine the sketches? Some of the over-the-shoulder stuff matched the on-screen samples later, so I was thinking not.

In that photo, it looks way better than I remember it. The head design definitely feels like something straight out of a comic book, which is probably what kept her safe in that challenge.
Video cameras aren't the best sources for these things, they move around and they don't lock down the way the judges see them and they work with light differently than what you see in-studio. On that superhero she came up with, the editors chose shots that really didn't highlight what was working because the drama was what had failed so spectacularly, but I actually liked it early on. I'd love to see her get mentored into balancing her skills and keeping her concepts more grounded, then returning. That'd make a good series (I dunno about the redemption web series, I haven't been watching).

I think he got his final warning from Glenn in last night's episode, who very specifically said that he wanted to see something less cartoony and more realistic on the next challenge. If Eric F. can't make that happen, then he will probably be the one going home next.
Good point. I wonder what the judges' scorecards for these look like, the judging doesn't get enough time to explain itself fully I think, the show spends a lot of time with the judges but portrays their decisions as learned people giving gut feelings with a few pointers, like just "trust us, we know what we're saying", and I'm sure there's a lot more to it.

I was thinking of the "Wayne's Gym" bonus scene on the SyFy website:

Usually guys who are that dedicated to weightlifting, are going to have a better understanding of the different muscle groups and how they interact with each other.

On a side note, when I watch that video, House and Eric Z. are kind of giving off the vibe of the nerds who are just totally enamored with the fact that the jock is actually paying attention to them. Maybe not so much with House, but definitely with Eric Z.

However, I think Eric F. really seemed to have the whole "boy crush" thing going:
I haven't been watching the online content. Wayne's bigger than I expected when pumped, maybe you're right.

House clearly has some definition to him, he works out, but he's a cardio guy, not going for mass, so I think he's intimidated. Eric Z is definitely on track with what you're saying.

Eric F I think gets into whatever he likes in a big way, I've had friends like him before and that's kind of their thing. That "bromance" video was almost mean in how cheap the shot they took was.

He's definitely a talented guy. It's just something about his overall aesthetic that doesn't "speak to me" for whatever reason.
Sure, I get ya. One of the challenges about a competition show where the goals are subjective is in there.

I actually predicted that House would be the next to go, but I didn't submit my post in time before the show ended.

I think all the make-ups were good overall, House's just happened to be less good. With the level of talent that the final four have, it's going to be the guy who merely makes a good make-up, not a great make-up, that ends up being eliminated.

It's harder to predict who will be the next to go home; but I'm predicting Eric F. because he might have a problem breaking out of his natural style. However, if Wayne botches another paint job, then it could be him. I would be very angry if Anthony got sent home at this point.
What did you think of Wayne's gator god, not just paint but the sculpting choices?

I think the metric for who is the final person sent home before the finale will be the one who misses under pressure in the concept zone. All their executions have been strong in the clutch. I suspect Eric F is going home for the same reason, he won't be able to hit the needs of the challenge because he'll be aiming too high.