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    Dexter Jettster Picture

    There is a picture of the figure over at rebelscum. Just thought I'd pass the info along.
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    I'm kinda disappointed now I've seen it. I saw a spoiler fanart picture some time ago done by Guy Lagace and I thought it was just something he'd summised. Turns out to be so darn close to the real thing it's scary. I like the fact that he's a solid chunky kind of character but really don't know what all this electro blue stuff is that hasbro keep shoving all over every single bloody figure. It's annoying me no since these characters won't have it in the movies. It's like Hasbro is trying to give crap figures some VAVAVOOM! or something. Anyway, that's my initial reaction, I'll relook at it and reappraise later.

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    At first I thought " cute. He comes with his own cotton candy..." but then I realized he was just frying up energy with his spatula. Seriously though, I thought this guy was gonna be reminiscent of Bill Paxton's Chet the ***** monster in Wierd Science. Obviously, this guy is much better looking than that, so I am suitably impressed. Of course, I'll have to see the character in the film to make final judgment.

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    Why complain about the blue electrical stuff that comes with the figures? It's removable after all, it's not like Hasbro is forcing you to display your figures with it. Well, unless you are a carded collector. As for the charecter, looks pretty good. I wonder if he used to have connections with Hutts or somthing, as he seems to have Hutt tatoos on his knuckles. I wonder who's card this is that he's pictured on the back of, must be one of the refresh cases, that have the spoilerish figures in them that are due around May 16th. I'm gonna slap a copy of the figure pic up here, so that if Hasbro makes Rebelscum pull it down, we still have access to a pic.

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    Why complain...?

    Because it's ludicrous... what is that? A spatula??? Why has his spaluta been electrocuted??? Next we'll probably get a serving spoon with deflector blast effects. We know that kinda thing happens everyday.

    The complaint is... it's a gimmick and now it's being overused. It's like they are running a joke into the ground. The more times you hear it, it gets less and less funny.

    I like the look of the character and the figure... but that spatula zap thing... THAT'S gotta go!
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    Unless a character blasts that burger flipper out of his hand in the movie, I agree that the use of that electro thing is going overboard

    Rollo, I don't really have an opinion on him either way, so I too will have to wait for the movie to see what I think of him. I dunno, the figure looks kinda boring, but there might be potential there for a cool CGI character.

    I like his big feet, they remind of that show Dinosaurs

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    I would have least wanted knee articulation, because this character is sitting when he's informing.

    But it looks like he's the right size, at least. I'll have to see what I think of him in person.
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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    Anyway, that's my initial reaction, I'll relook at it and re-appraise later.
    I said I'd re-appraise because my first impressions weren't favourable. I actually do like the figure now I've sat and looked at it a long time. It's okay. Not the most stunning thing I've ever seen but it's okay. The electro blue sparks are crap uselessness that should be dumped outright. As far as i can tell from spoilers, Dexter is only in the movie in a conversational scene and never uses this cleaver or spatula or whatever. Why give him the blue stuff? He comes with his pipe and two accessories so why spoil the simple look of this character with useless blue crap?

    It's just a comment.

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    Does anyone have any ideas about the possible identity of the Jedi standing next to Dex? It looks like the hand wielding the blue lightsaber may belong to an alien species.


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