Rebelscum did a video review of the figure:

The review is pretty thorough, the reviewer speaks with a deliberately slow cadence - it is the sort of thing that drives me crazy, but I understand why she's doing it.

I don't like this packaging at all, the box graphics don't look premium, and having the figure sit under a standard plastic cover in a styrofoam tray is absolutely unacceptable - this is a high-end item, it should be in premium velvet-lined cardboard or high quality plastic, not cheap and breakable styrofoam.

I didn't realize this was intended to be specifically ANH C-3PO, the metal is too matte for that look I think.

Rebelscum claims the figure is in perfect scale to the Sideshow and Hot Toys lines, yet they show 3PO standing taller than Sideshow's Boba Fett, there's also a Hot Toys Luke Bespin which is about the same height as 3PO, and they show Sideshow's ANH Obi-Wan and Captain Antilles with 3PO and both are taller, then they show 3PO next to Sideshow's Tusken Raider and the Tusken is the same height as 3PO as well -- I guess the new prometheus and armored bodies are significantly underscaled compared to the original buck body and the body Hot Toys is using. So Sideshow is at fault for the scale issues and Tamashi Nations got it right for the older Sideshow body and the Hot Toys body, that's so frustrating, I hadn't realized it was so bad.

I'd like to hear how strong the arm pistons feel, if they'll hold up over time under a clumsy-handed collector.

I'm curious why none of the review images show the arms closer to the body, perhaps the figure can't get them as close as they were in the movie, or perhaps the reviewer simply doesn't prefer that pose.

The commlink is unpainted silver plastic, what an odd thing for Tamashi Nations to mess up after so much other goodness.

The removable limbs is an excellent addition to this figure, I'm surprised they didn't highlight this on the convention circuit.

Overall, I'm still not seeing $400 I can part with, but I'm glad it's not $250-$300 or I'd be trying to make it work.