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    Article: The Clone Wars Ends Production for Cartoon Network, SW Detours Postponed

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    I'm not interested in any new shows unless they take place between ANH and ROTJ. Maybe something that takes place immediately after ROTJ; but it really depends on the story.

    What eras have been covered by TV shows so far?

    Droids - roughly between ROTS and ANH
    Ewoks - before ANH and before the Ewok films
    Clone Wars (both versions) between Ep2 and 3
    Ewok Adventure/Battle for Endor - before ANH
    Holiday Special - I'm assuming this one doesn't count, but between ANH and ESB.

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    One more example of how Disney is going to ruin this all.

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    I think that these new story arcs will be shown on the Disney XD channel. As for this new series... could this be a KOTOR series? If so, cool!

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    I want New Jedi Order So we see Han Luke and Leia back in action with Jaina Jacen and Anakin.

    I think stuff set between A New Hope and Return of the Jedi would bore me.

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    I hope none of it has to do with the expanded universe.

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    I think a KOTOR series could be cool. They wouldn't exactly have to start from scratch seeing as how some pre vis and digital models will exist from the game.

    Between ANH and ROJ would bore me, too.

    With E7, 8 and 9 coming I think an earlier time is more likely.
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    Disney disgusts me.... We will probably Never see detours now. Secondly Clone Wars Has been something that allowed me and my son to bond so well over the years. Of course nothing lasts forever and in the hands of Disney nothing good lasts period. Still, regardless if George wants to retire or not, the fact that he had such a stance against industry and for his own autonomy in filmmaking that I Still surprised that he would sacrifice his creation to the corrupt w.o.e.that are Disney. RIP Star Wars..........

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    Omg, I'm just so angry and disgusted over all of this, I'm actually in awe over myself right about how truly angry I am!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nohagent View Post
    Omg, I'm just so angry and disgusted over all of this, I'm actually in awe over myself right about how truly angry I am!
    That makes two of us. I surprised myself with the strong reaction I had to this news.

    My son and I watch Clone Wars together every Saturday and now we can't.
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