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The interview was quite well done, and Dave seems optimistic about the future. I have to toot my own horn here, because there was only time for one listener question, and they picked one of mine and mentioned my name! It's around the 1 hour, 12 minute mark if you want to hear it. I asked, if you knew going into it that it would only last five seasons, would you have done anything differently? Dave said no, he always planned on making it until they told him to stop, and he hopes to be able to have a part in telling the remaining stories somehow at some point. He made the point that it would have been hard to have a better ending than the series did, and that they were indeed sort of thinking that these episodes were going to be able to also function as a series finale. He noted that he would rather have people wanting more than wishing it had ended sooner, which is fair.
That's cool. On the other hand, when you represent SSG at some of the upcoming conventions, please come up with harder-hitting questions than that softball.

They didn't really touch on how Disney's animation team figures into this, but the way Dave describes it was like any other TV show coming to an end - when it's done, the crew is disbanded. The gist that I got was that Lucasfilm Animation is still an entity, just currently a significantly smaller one (as it was when The Clone Wars was just in the planning stages) that he hopes will grow as the new project goes forward. But there were no specifics on any of this other than to say that he will remain and so will some of the other people at the company, particularly since George put them in place originally and trained them for the last eight years to be able to tell Star Wars stories. He mentioned Joel Aron and Kilian Plunkett by name, but didn't say anything about their future there, though I would assume that they're safe given their call-outs.

He didn't give particulars on when and how the bonus content would be released, or how much or what it would contain, though the Clovis arc will be released (it was originally bumped when things were moved around this season - it would have resulted in too many episodes, from what he said in another interview). The team is "making sure these stories count" and making sure they're well-produced, and while the episodes don't wrap up everything in a bow, they will answer a few big questions satisfyingly, according to him. Order 66 and how the clones' autonomy plays into that will be addressed, as seen in the preview clip (he also confirmed that the two new Jedi there were based on unused Sith witch concept art). He said the information on the bonus content will be released at the right time, when it will have maximum effectiveness. Maybe this means a convention appearance or something? It was unclear, so I hope he does it at Celebration Europe.

They also discussed the last two arcs of the season. One of the most interesting parts was how he addressed the Satine/Bo-Katan relationship, saying he developed a backstory for them that became one of his favorites. He didn't go into too many particulars, but likened it to Game of Thrones. Basically, Bo-Katan didn't agree with Satine's pacifism, but as Satine rose to power she didn't want it to be public knowledge that she had a sister who had joined Death Watch as that would look bad for her politically, so Bo-Katan wasn't in Satine's life for a time, which is why Obi-Wan didn't know of her.
"Bonus content" sounds like DVDs in the season set the more I hear it. Not thrilled about the Clovis arc either.

The Bo-Katan thing really came through for me, that's almost exactly what I thought it'd be when they revealed it. Good job on their part.

Thanks for the wrap-up on this.