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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Can you say, "bonus add-ons to various DVD or Blu-Ray sets?" Or "convention exclusive clips?" Yes, yes you can.
    Nah. They wouldn't have spent all that money finishing them if all they were going to do was show clips at conventions. Or if they they weren't going to be released somehow that makes money for them.

    And if they were just going to include them as some bonus to a new DVD or Blu-ray set. They would have come with the big sets tuesday. I expect a stand alone release, probably padded out with other stuff to boost the prices.

    Probably around the same time that Rebels debuts on TV. So they can do a tie-in release.

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    Dave Filoni confirmed that the bonus content will be available in early 2014. He didn't say anything about the format, amount, or subject matter other than it features a Yoda solo mission (which we already knew). So it seems we'll see what's left of The Clone Wars at least a few months before Rebels premieres.

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    TCW writer Brent Friedman appeared on the new Rebels Report podcast and revealed some info about the unproduced episodes. (The nondescript hosts talk for about 15 or 20 minutes at first, but the interview takes up the rest of the show.)

    There were plans to end the series at Season Seven, but since they wrote more episodes each season than were aired, there was enough content planned for a full Season Eight. The arc he wrote for Season Six was going to be pushed to be the premiere of Season Seven. He mentioned an adventure featuring Captain Rex and R2-D2, though I'm not sure if that was the same arc.

    Ahsoka's departure at the end of Season Five wasn't meant to end the series, but rather to throw a big wrench into it. It sounds like she wasn't planned to appear any more.

    He said that they had interesting and unexpected plans for Cad Bane. If anyone from the show can appear in Rebels, I would think it could be him.

    As for bonus content, he said he's already seen the long-lost Clovis arc and that it was meant to tie into the standalone Death Watch episode from Season Four (A Friend in Need). He reiterated what others have said in that the Yoda arc is apparently amazing - and that's the only confirmed arc we know about.

    Pablo Hidalgo has mentioned more that the bonus content "package is still coming together," and that the "Yoda arc has a profound ending." He also mentioned that Dave wanted to show a Padmé story that led into ROTS with her actually diplomatically ending the war before Grievous surprise attacks Coruscant.

    It's good to know more, but it's still extremely frustrating to hear the cool plans that we'll never get to see - three more full seasons would have been amazing.
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    The fact that they had everything planned out that well makes Disney's decision that more disappointing. I suppose the good news is that if Rebels is a flop, which it could very well be, then they could presumably easily put the Clone Wars team together again and quickly finish the series.
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    Rebels is a great opportunity to show Padme did not die!

    She will live in seclusion on Alderaan raising Leia, until there's an urgent mission Padme can't stay away from.

    Perhaps Brea Organa needs Padme's help.

    Without knowing what he's doing - perhaps Vader's actions or minions kill them both.

    So yes, Darth Vader did kill his wife - just not when he believes he did.

    The tragedy's preserved and Leia grows up motivated to take up her mother's cause against Bail Organa's wishes, since she's all he has left. But he is inspired by his daughter, and continues to grow the Rebel Alliance.

    At Padme's funeral, the Jedi have told Padme's parents the body is one of her handmaidens actually - and they would keep it quiet to cover up for the safety of their daughter and grand-daughter (the Naberries could be told about Leia but not about Luke - as Luke was chosen for training by Obi-Wan when he was old enough).

    Anyway, a ret-con scene from ROTS for Rebels would be Dorme or Sabe dying, and their faking she is Padme for the funeral and the Jedi asking the Naberries to lie about that being their daughter's body to protect Padme.

    Darth Vader (as more machine than man) would be too ashamed to go back there and Palpatine could be convinced of the tragedy since the Naberries would be legitimately sad they could never see their daughter and grand-daughter again anyway. Travel by the Naberries from Naboo to Alderaan would be suspicious - though maybe Padme and Leia do get out once in a while.

    Obviously, when she's a teen, Leia cannot be contained (Blockade Runner anyone?)!

    This could only be one part of the story arcs in Rebels. But that's what I would do.

    Padme's death in ROTS was cheap. Obviously Bail Organa would know it was faked. But that was done to fool the medical droids and the Polis Masans so the Emperor would get an official record of Padme's death.

    R2D2 knows - but knows everything anyway. Bail Organa had 3PO's memory wiped.

    Vader might even capture 3PO and know his access codes but find nothing and dismiss him, never revealing he was Anakin "the maker."

    There could be a staged fight to get 3PO back, but only to convince Vader that Padme was dead.

    The irony still being that he blows up a ship or base, or his stormtroopers kill her anyway - without his knowledge she was there.

    Worse, he could start looking for a child and Leia could be in danger.

    If he knew, but knew she wasn't trained as a Jedi, that would put an interesting twist on ANH. Not sure I'm comfortable with that, but it could be done well.
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    Newsarama revealed that Dark Horse will adapt the scripts for an unproduced four-part Darth Maul arc! Despite what the article says, it wasn't intended to be the series finale, but it does seem like it's the finale for Maul's story in TCW. While of course I would have preferred to see these as finished episodes, I'm at least happy that we'll get to see some stories in this fashion - especially the conclusion to Maul's story, so we can see what Sidious has in store for him (the article mentions an obsidian prison). The four-issue miniseries will launch in May.
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    Dave Filoni just posted this clarifying update on Facebook about Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir:

    Happy New Year!

    You may have seen the recent Clone Wars / Dark Horse Comics news, and I thought I would chime in and clarify things a bit. I am very excited about our collaboration with Dark Horse and this opportunity to tell an unfinished story developed for the TV series.

    Before we get into the details about the Maul comic, I’d like to make clear that this storyline does not represent The Clone Wars series finale. I’ve seen some confusion about that online and want to set the record straight. There are additional Clone Wars episodes on the way and one arc in particular marks the series finale in my mind. We’ll have fun discussing that in the not too distant future.

    Allow me to reveal in more detail what the story “Darth Maul, Son of Dathomir” is, and where it came from. As I have mentioned in previous interviews, for us to create the rich and incredibly complex stories that we were telling during The Clone Wars, we would be working on around fifty episodes at one time. This is from rough outline form, all the way through final sound design and picture lock. There were several stories that had gone through a substantial amount of development when the series was ended. We realized that this meant certain character arcs would go unfinished, but the Story and Publishing teams at Lucasfilm approached me with a unique way to continue Maul’s story for everyone who had been faithful to the show. The idea was to tell the story in comic book form, and knowing the great work that Dark Horse had done over the years, I thought it was an excellent plan.

    The story of Darth Maul had become an important one for the series and it was only fitting that we chose him for a comic adaptation. The comics will be based on four finished scripts that were written for Season 6 . These scripts came out of one of our story conferences with George Lucas. As they moved through the production pipeline, they became finalized scripts with a great deal of the actual design work completed. The designs you will see, the plot lines, and character development in these comic books are all coming directly from the TV production. I turned over all of the art to Dark Horse so they could create an accurate representation of what we were planning for the show.

    I am thrilled with the result, and thankful that we could partner with Randy Stradley and his team on this project. As I have always said, the stories told during the Clone Wars era will live on, and we are eager to share Darth Maul’s storyline with you. Is it the final story for Darth Maul? You will have to read the comics to find out.
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    That's cool. We've had fun with him since he came back, but his living cheapened Obi-Wan's ascendancy to Sith-Killer and full Jedi Knight.

    I hope Obi-Wan finishes what he began 12 years ago and cuts down the "other half."
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