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Alright, on a whim, I wasted time calculating how much $1/week at the fairly modest (but sustainable) interest rate of 0.5% APY, compounded monthly, would look like after one millennium.

After 1,000 years, it'd be $2,152,236.93.

If the Sith were putting in, say, $10 per week and had found an account that averaged 1% over the entire millennium, it'd be $2,422,813,889.27.

Or, at $20 per week, which seems easily doable for someone like Palpatine, at 1.5% (not too difficult to imagine, given the sums involved), you'd be almost at a trillion dollars ($723,250,251,605.80).

Hell, with them having no qualms about using illegal means, I don't think 3% is out of the question, earning them over four quintillion dollars ($4,004,431,492,264,610,000.00) from a total investment of $1,040,000.00 spread over one thousand years.

True, this is useless info, but I think that in a galaxy as wide as the one in SW, an influential group (particularly one possessing mind control powers and a ton of political power) could find an account where they could keep their money for that long with no questions asked (even posing as an attention-shy religious order or family, if necessary). I'm just showing it is possible.
Really went for the full nerding-up on that one, eh?

Without management of an account like that, who is to say a bank will even be accruing that much interest in that time? Who is to say that value isn't wiped out by a currency change like the French New Franc or the Mexican New Peso? How could a bank even pay out on an account like that? Who ensures that bank even stays in business?

And what happens to operating capital, or is this a "rainy day fund"?

But to get even more out there, how do we believe that the Sith have $20 a week to spend back then? Inflation has that showing up as 23x its value only 100 years ago, today's $20 is 1913's $469.02 based on the Consumer Price Index, that same $20 1000 years ago could be perceived as a fortune all to itself. Ah for the heady days of living on Coruscant a millennium ago, when you could buy an airspeeder for $20.

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Also investors in military contracts by other rich guys who Imp Dignitaries like Sate Pestage - From other rich systems. The Sith Promise them a war
More room for leaks.

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That wouldn't work at a company because all the transactions would occur with one client, the software company. However, if you did this at a bank, and only targeted personal deposits, it would go unnoticed. If you were paid weekly, and deposited 4 checks a month, you wouldn't notice that you were short a penny. If Palps took a quarter of a cent per ever personal deposit throughout the galaxy, he might be able to pay the clone fee in 4 months.
Yeah, because it's not a bank's job to look for transactions exactly like this or anything. Apparently, this has a name, it's called "salami slicing", and while it is hard for some industries to catch, banking is not among those.

Now I can't wait for the new trilogy...
Perhaps you'd be more excited if Disney got Alan Greenspan to act as a script consultant? Although the way things have been looking lately, they'd probably screw that up and get Ben Stein or Ben Bernanke instead.