The Clone Wars is gone, sadly. Hasbro has put the brakes on the expression as well. But what if they did a "best of the best" or "best figures hardest to get" exclusive multipack? What should go in it?

For me, it starts with Seripas, a great-looking figure that simply wasn't findable. Honestly, had the expression continued they could have done a set of just bounty hunters with like Bossk, Boba v2, Aurra Sing, Seripas, Embo, Cad Bane v2, IG-86, Hondo, Cato Parasiti, and the Nikto Guard (I know he's not a bounty hunter, but he looks enough like one). But it didn't, so we have to ask ourselves, if there's just 1 more pass at this, what figures should be in it?

Here's my list of figures I consider top potential for a set like this, excellent figures or ultra-rare figures that looked good:
Armored Savage Opress with lightsabers (the Target battle pack release was missing his sabers)
White Magnaguard (w robes, robed head, and non-robed head)
Firefighter Droid (painted in regular battle droid colors maybe?)
Droideka? (I like this figure)
Cad Bane v2 w/ Todo-360
Hondo Ohnaka

I'm on the fence about Darth Sidious, one of the rarest figures in the line but without removable gear he's not really in the show much.

Do we need to include Aayla and Hondo? I think they got easy to find re-releases already, but if not they'd be on my list.

For a clone, I say Cmdr Bly, he's got a lot of good stuff going on and was I think hard to find. Or perhaps Cmdr Jet but with a different big weapon.

So, what do you guys think? What would be in your set?