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    Naboo Starfighter showing up at Gordmans

    JTA and other sites are reporting that the Naboo Starfighter is finally showing up at Gordmans, a store similar to TJ Maxx and Ross. It hasn't looked like it's appeared at other stores yet.

    It looks like the store is only located in the Midwest, but I'll be checking in on the ones near me (as I already have this awesome ship) to see if I can pick up any for people on here that are still interested. I find it odd that various items are going to different closeout stores, but such is life. At least it's finally getting out there.
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    A Gordman's is opening in my area very soon. Will have to check it out.

    I've been hitting TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, etc... at least twice a week now for more than a month in hopes of finding the fighter, but nada. Did find the series 2 mini vehicles at TJ Maxx recently. Yoda's starfighter is definitely worth $13, not $20.


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