Ok, so news hit that Frostbite 3, EA's next-gen gaming engine that most of their upcoming games will be based on including whatever Star Wars they put out, will NOT be running on the Wii U.

Their current engine, Frostbite 2, yielded "not too promising results" on Nintendo's next-gen console, so EA isn't going to try to jam Frostbite 3 onto the machine at all. EA also doesn't do a lot of ported games, aside from sports and driving games. This very likely means that...


As if gamers needed any more reason to be annoyed with Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm.

Oh, but if they did, EA announced that new Star Wars games won't be out before March 2014:

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There would be such a huge anti-trust lawsuit if the next gen consoles pulled that crap. It would completely shut down several companies whose sole purpose is renting games.
Likely not, it hasn't stopped previous attempts at this sort of DRM in the past, it hasn't stopped booksellers with e-books (they've gone after pricing, not distribution), it hasn't affected itunes on the ios medium. Look at EA's Online Pass system, it makes renting or reselling multiplayer online games from them unplayable without buying an extra pass, that's already fully legal. And with more and more game sales going digital-distribution, there's no rental possible anyway. No, sadly if this went through the industry would get away with it, and the consumers would suffer. They'd simply argue that the needs of the market have changed, nobody forced Hollywood studios to keep making VHS tapes when DVDs took over just because Blockbuster was making the majority of their money off rentals.

I never understand what they did with that ending. It's like they put all this time and effort into a great game, then were cut short on time. Even the extra ending that was downloadable content wasn't acceptable.
I hear that, it really does seem like they just ran out of resources and spewed out whatever.

Regarding the "always on console" conversation, Sony said they haven't considered such a thing because not everybody has great internet: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/05/...-playstation-4
Of course, maybe Microsoft doesn't give a fart about gamers who can't afford super awesome broadband internet anyway because they're not likely to buy as much digital product from Microsoft. Classy!