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    ROTJ 30th Anniversary What Figures to be Made or Redone

    Not sure if it should go in this area or under the Darth Vader packaging or somewhere else. With Star Wars May the Fourth Be with You on May 4 I watched ROTJ. With this being the month of the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, it got me thinking which figures from ROTJ should be done or redone. Below are my thoughts. Feel free to ad your thoughts as well but only figures from ROTJ since it is the 30th anniversary.

    My number one figure from ROTJ that needs to be done or redone is:
    Leia in combat poncho the vintage kenner figure is the best version we have so far. The 1997 one with speederbike is OK at least it has bendable legs to ride the speederbike. Also the 1997/98 Toy R Us coin figure no leg articulation. The 2007 vintage line figure was down right terrible. Had a bad face sculpt, figure seemed over sized and the gun was not to scale and poncho was too dark in color. Overall it was a very disappointing figure. Would be cool to see it in a 6 inch format in the Black Series as well.

    Next would be Luke in Endor Battle Poncho
    Vintage Kenner figure best version so far of this figure. The versions in the modern area 1995 to present was the 1997 figure with speederbike and the Millennium Coin figure no articulation. Also the 2006 saga figure. That figure came with a blaster like the original Kenner version but was a different design/type of blaster. Needs a better sculpt looked too bulky and the poncho color was off.
    I am surprised with it being the 30th anniversary of Jedi that they would not redo these two figures since they were last released in 2006 Luke Endor and 2007 Leia Endor. Updates are severely needed.

    Some of the Kenner vintage figures are much better than their counterparts of today like vintage Jawa and the vintage Yoda.
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