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Thread: Bo Shek lives!

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    Bo Shek lives!

    I sincerely hope I am not the only one out there who is excited about Bo Shek appearing on the Wal-Mart SKU list. Why? Because the presence of Bo Shek portends the possibility of any character in the entire series. Out with the core character dependence of old, in with a new commitment to people the Star Wars toy universe with the minutia of the Star Wars movie universe!
    And Teebo is there as well, putting us up to a still inadequate three Ewoks, but it does mark the return of the Ewoks to the toy store shelves. And yes, FINALLY, a new R5-D4! I'm not the only one to have repeatedly said this, but the presence of R5-D4 (hopefully) done right opens the door for many more droids! I say hopefully done right as we have no pictures yet and I am fearful that Hasbro, enamoured as they often are with gimics, will have a gaping hole in the head and black smudges all over the head and body to simulate the post-motivator explosion. I hope they do not make the same mistake with R5-D4 that they made with K-3PO (see my post in Dear Hasbro).

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    I feel Hasbro has learnt their lesson from their past mistakes... now they can make new ones (har har!)!! All kidding aside, I think the new sculpts are quite awesome and I think we will be pretty happy with the new R5-D4, Bo Shek and Teebo. TEEBO!!!

    more Ewoks on the way? Let's hope!!!

    As long as they don't start putting regular tyres on their speeders I think we will be okay!
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    No, I think its great. Finally some more ewoks. R5 has always needed to be redone, and a character that has yet to be done. What more could we ask for, nicey nice.
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    Lets hope this Bo-shek guy has a removable helmet, and a cool gun. Im also happy to hear of Teebo, although they still have to make Chief Chirpa, Lumat, Paploo, Warok and Romba.
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    Bo Shek should come with thumb-jerking action, so you can place Chewie at the bar behind him ala the ANH scene. But he shouldn't be limited to that pose.

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    Do you think Teebo will be packaged alone? Or will he have another Ewok with him? (ala the other Ewok 2 pack)
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    Hmmm...i would love that Teebo would be in a two pack, but i guess they are packing him alone.
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    I always like to see OT figs being release on POTJ cards and this piece of news is very good news to me
    Morever, Bo-Shek is never once release as a SWAF, its an added bonus and I'm looking forward to its release.

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    I have, from the moment a few months ago that Teebo was rumored, labored under the assumption that Teebo would be packed alone. If memory serves, the initial reports of these three great figures were, as the current report, based on Wal-Mart SKUs. The name associated with this particular SKU is Teebo, however, in Wal-Mart fashion and out of necessity, they may have abreviated something like "Teebo/Chief Chirpa 2-Pack". This is SPECULATION ONLY, do not imagine for a moment that there is a confirmed Cheif Chirpa figure on the way. Personally I would hold Chirpa out for a Deluxe C-3PO set with a seated 3PO, the throne/litter, Chirpa (also seated) and Chirpa's throne. Regardless, it is still possible that Teebo will have company in his blister. If he is packed alone, he had better have a mess of accessories, and very thoughtful ones at that (though as Ewoks go, Teebo was rather tall).

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    Bo'Shek will be cool, no doubt about it. Wonder if he'll come with a drinking glass like our little Zutton friend...
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