It's been discussed elsewhere, but I wanted to start a thread for the new animated project since a few hints have been dropped lately.

A little over a week ago on May 6, Dave Filoni posted this sketch of TIE fighters hanging from cranes, with the caption, "Itís hard to believe that I have worked at Lucasfilm almost eight years, and this is the first time I have ever gotten to draw a TIE fighter." later used this other TIE drawing on its 404 pages, with Dave's Plo Kool seal of approval. Unlike the first image, it shows the wings at their proper sizes.

This short video was recently posted on Vine, showing Dave opening a vintage TIE Fighter in what looks to be a Lucasfilm office, saying it's for research. pointed out a number of possible Easter eggs in the video, including the fact that the desktop has a link to a Star Wars Blog post with Aurebesh writing over an X-wing targeting system. The post itself says, "In those first dark days it seemed certain the bright flame would be extinguished before it cast the light of new truth." This is adapted from the prologue of the original ANH novelization, presented as coming from the Journal of the Whills. The Aurebesh reads, "STRIKING FIRST SO YOU CAN'T STRIKE BACK." Oddly, the post is titled May 20, 2009, so I'm thinking it's a fake date to bury the post, meant only to be accessible thanks to the Vine video. The source code indicates that the image includes "2013/05" in its title, indicating that it's a new page as of sometime this month.

The rest of the TFN article is wild speculation that may or may not mean anything, but it also points out that Leland Chee Tweeted on May 5, "I have the first line of the opening crawl for The Empire Strikes Back stuck in my head." Of course, the first line is, "It is a dark time for the Rebellion."

Additional clues point to Gargoyles creator and Young Justice producer Greg Weisman being involved. Much like The Clone Wars, Young Justice was recently cancelled, so this is very possible.

Obviously these all lead one to believe that the new animated series would involve the Rebellion and the Empire, most likely taking place between ROTS and ANH - or maybe even between ANH and ESB, given the few ESB nods. I hope it's during the "dark times" for a number of reasons, from the fact that it's still woefully unexplored to the fact that the seemingly defunct live-action show was to be set in this period to the fact that it could just as easily pull characters from the PT or the OT even more than TCW did. Above all else, it's exciting that it might not be set too far after TCW, meaning that we would hopefully be able to follow up on characters from TCW - Ahsoka, Rex, Maul, Ventress, and Boba Fett would be very welcome, and it might have strong involvement from Saw Gerrera and Lux Bonteri. Characters like Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and Tarkin could easily play large roles here as well. And designer Kilian Plunkett appears with Dave and Pablo Hidalgo in the video, indicating that he's staying on board to help design the new series - so hopefully they also utilize some of the great writers and voice actors from TCW.

I assume more will be revealed at Celebration Europe II, if not sooner. It's nice to finally have some good news to speculate on for once!