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Alpha wasn't in TCW since they didn't want to have everyone's name starting with an A - Anakin, Ahsoka, Artoo, Alpha. So he was basically turned into Rex.

I really do want to see how the clones are integrated into the Imperial army - this show would probably be the best place for it.

The budget for the live-action show was the reason it stayed on the shelf for so long. Then again, it was mainly because Lucasfilm didn't have the budget and didn't want to have to compromise by working with another company - maybe Disney would have the cash? As I mentioned elsewhere, even though these series would take place in the same 19-year span, they seem like they would be dealing with different topics and characters. (Though if it follows TCW's lead, it will jump all over the place.)
I always thought Rex was cool but if he is intended to be Alpha then suddenly he became that much cooler in my eyes. I always wanted to know what happened to him and Ventress after the events of Obsession. I think TCW always kind of focused around the clones and other characters as well but mostly I saw it as a story through the eyes of the clones and Asohka. With folks who worked on TCW on board and how they set up the makings of the rebellion in TCW, I'd find it difficult to believe they wouldn't be tying it all in. I'm sure they'll wanna throw in some new stuff so it doesn't seem "same old" and keep it fresh but TCW was very successful at doing that throughout it's entire run and fans really embraced those characters. I wasn't into TCW at the begining and felt some stuff was a bitter pill to swallow. Like it would have to be it's own continuity if you included all the novels, comics and the earlier animated stuff. How can Obi-Wan and Anakin be everywhere at once? Thankfully they moved away from that and focused on other characters. Also bringing Darth Maul back completely diminished the events of TPM in my eyes. Anyone read Darth Plagueis? But I learned to let go, relax and enjoy the ride cause even the stuff I thought was ridiculous was being executed.rather well. In short, I can't wait for the new series.